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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Natural Scent For Your Home {DIY}

I have always love the smell of burning scented candles when at home. But I never tried the scents that you can make your own and comes from your own kitchen. What I like about it is that these are the scents that is nice lingering around your home during fall season.

Today I did that DIY scents that came from my kitchen. In the future I will try other spices to create different scents.

I used star anise, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg powder {I do not have whole nutmegs} and slices of lemon.

Put all ingredients in a pot and put some water and boil. To my surprise the star anise reminds me to my mother's home cooking when I was growing up; I think it was a 'beef' dish.

I put the boiling spices into a mini ceramic fondue pot {available here} and put it in the living room. After quite sometime in the mini fondue pot the scent became soften.

Then I tried different ingredients that I happened to have at the moment. This time I am using lemon slices, rosemary and vanilla. I think I love this scent much better.

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  1. mmm! These look like they would smell amazing!

  2. Yes, I was just testing it to see if I like it ! I still love my candles though ! But this would be something different and not as quite costly as buying candles all the time. Thank you so much !


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