Hello, my name is Ellya! I am a homemaker and a mother of a 27 year-old son, Buck. I live with my lovely husband, Steven Brill, in North Hills, NY.
My blog and so does my personal story has changed and evolved a little. When I started this blog I wanted to express the creativity in me but over time and 3 years later I found my true passion; photography.  I never knew that I love taking picture so much. It was started out taking picture for my blog posting like food, craft, etc. Soon after I found out that I love taking picture of 
children. And that is how it all begins. Now I had a few clients and I can't believe that I am a real photographer. Although I am still new in this business, I am constantly learning to perfect my photography skill. I am happy that I follow my heart into the new photography venture. 
And so,
this blog has evolved too!

Since I still love doing a diy, home decor, cooking and crafting; I wanted to combine them with photography.  So when I am not talking about photography, you will find me  talking about journaling, food, home decor, diy project, etc. So it is still the same blog but photography always the main topic within them.
Somehow, we are evolving right? I can't help it that it happened.
And I am glad I found my true passion through photography.

Walking around a flea market; finding a piece that takes me back in time and inspires me to make it current !
Home Decor; a simple arrangement in the room of my home that makes me happy.

Art {drawing, water color, mixed media}; I love to put my emotion and feelings on a canvas.

Fashion; I love the process of dressing up, it is just like making art --composition, balance and color harmony.
Photography; this subject encompass my whole blog. I am on a journey to become a full time photographer. I know it is not going to be easy but I must start somewhere, somehow.

Cooking; there is a saying 'when you can make a good meal, you will be well liked !' I think there is a truth in it.

Journaling & Collage; It's a good way to exercise your creativity, tie them together, add a few words and voila! You get a beautiful journal. I love the process of making my journal.
Sewing; I learned to sew from my mother. I can make a pencil skirt; but that's about it. I would love tomake a simple nice dress. I have sewn, baby clothes, and other simple crafts.
Writing; I think I am a good writer in my own language "Indonesian", and English is my second language. That is the problem. It is hard to convey your feeling when your vocabulary is limited. But don't worry... I have my husband who can edit my writing !!
Traveling; To me the most exciting part of traveling is collecting a small tangible items like shell, post cards, cookie wrapper, chocolate wrapper that only available over there that you brought home. It's a strong bond between you and places you visited; besides hundreds of pictures that you have taken.

My intention is to create a blog about creativity, art, inspiration-- to create a story just like my personality. Eventually I want it to be like a journey and to inspire others to learn from one another. But what most important is that blogging is a place for me to express myself. 

Hmmm....I am wondering about this myself.
Two things really.
1. I once read a book called How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci. It mentioned the word "curiosita" an essential element in order to be a success and to be creative.

"The desire to know is natural to good men."
~Leonardo da Vinci~

2. I am fascinated in learning about the Universe; how the stars were born and eventually die. I like to know about the Universe and what's in it. What most fascinates me is the spiritual aspect to it. Just like stars we are born and eventually die and go back to nature-- a part of the universe. I think it's beautiful !

"My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the Universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all."
~Stephen Hawking~


If you have question; you can contact me at Elmelati@gmail.com


  1. I love your blog! You inspire me to be more creative not only in my cooking but also in my lifestyle. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweetest words Erin...!!

  2. Love your post, although I disagree in one thing. We do not born and then eventually die and go back to nature. If we believe in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice at the Cross to give us salvation and eternal life and accept Him in our hearts as our Savior and live our lives for Him according to His word the Bible, we will inherit eternal life in heaven with Him. We just have to believe in Him by faith. We are the one to decide where we want to spend eternity. We just have to ask Him to come into our hearts, forgive our sins, and live for Him. He will transform our hearts if we allow Him to do so. Be blessed!


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