Saturday, April 12, 2014

Newborn Baby Girl Head Bands (DIY)

I can not  seem to get enough creating these new born baby girl's head bands.  It was like when opened up drawers and bins, found materials for them and suddenly there they are, six of them.

I have been itching to photograph a new born again lately. And when I dug deep in my heart and asked myself  again and again,  "what type of photographer am I?", the answer is a newborn photographer! But right now I  shoot everybody like family, birthday party, senior, newborn, etc. As a beginner photographer and seriously thinking about making this hobby turn into business; I need to practice and do a lot of photo shoot so that I am  comfortable shooting different people and clients.  From there, and in the future I would narrow down my niche. 'New born' and 'senior' are the two niches I feel like enjoy shooting. To be honest, I have not decided yet. I am happy to shoot anybody at this point.

Anyways, because recently I have been thinking and wanting to shoot a new born again (last new born photo session is here); so I created  these newborn baby girl's head bands in 2 hours  while watching television last evening. I think they are  adorable. I keep on imagining in my head  a newborn baby is girl wearing these head bands and I can feel the enjoyment and fun I will be experiencing from shooting her. 

I truly realized how competitive this business is.  But right now, although I must say that this is my business; I am not worry about getting a client or not. There is so much to learn about photography out there. It is endless. So I am always trying to perfect my skill in photography; technically, how to better use the camera, marketing, photo editing software like Photoshop Lightroom or Photoshop CS,  and finding my own style. I want to strengthen my style so that it won't just like any other photography out there. And let me tell you, this is very hard! I have been searching as much as I know about photography, still I can not find what it is that I am looking for. Again, I am not too worry about this since I have been in this business only about almost 5 months. Time will lead me the way, right?

So what do you think about these tiny head bands?
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


How do you like the beginning of spring weather so far? I can't wait until spring time again. We had so much snow this year and so looking forward to spring time.

Last Sunday I bought this flower at Wholefood. I want a spring flowers to decorate my home and while I was arranging  the flowers in the vase I heard a bird  chirping away; tweet, tweet, tweet out side my window! It was so lovely. It felt truly like spring has arrived, it was was sunny just like a spring weather should be. I have not had this happy moment from just listening to a bird singing outside my window for a long time. 

So the flowers are looking pretty  in the vase and sitting in our living room right now. This is Campanula and I think the shape remind me to 'a bell'. I can't help myself to take pictures and started to paint them. I can't concentrate to paint that day as we are still fixing the new home.  That afternoon I ended up spending time in the new home sweeping the saw dust off of the floor as  they just finished putting the new hard wood floor in the living room. But I am happy with the painting though it still needs more work.

Happy Spring time Everyone?
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This was my first time shooting a new born. I can't tell you how happy I was when received an email from Courtney that she would like me to shoot her baby girl. Prior to that I have been wanting to shoot a new born so badly. I do not know why that I love shooting a new born. I have learned so much about it even before I shot Emma Grace. I bought all props and created so many head bands for a new born baby girl. (Sorry baby boy, I have not had one for you just yet).  So Courtney's new born baby girl was so perfect for me at the time.

During the shooting day, my heart was beating so hard of joy when she called me that they were near by my house. (The shoot was in my house). And Emma Grace was only 13 days old. She is so beautiful and has a lot of dark color hair.

Look how adorable Emma Grace is! I am in love with her picture.

"Courtney and Jacob, thank you so much for trusting me to shoot your beautiful baby girl."

Friday, March 21, 2014

March Journal/Collage

I can't wait for spring to finally arrive. It has been a long winter month here in New York. We had been having so much snow this year. Everybody just about had  enough of snowing and very happy to see warm days coming very soon.

This spring I promised myself that I will do a gardening. Our new home has a bit of ground in the front, side and back. I do many things in my spare time, gardening is not one of them for sure. I do not like touching the soil and seeing worms. But the thought of having flower from my garden decorating the rooms  has been in my mind since a long time a go. So I do hope I can do this gardening task just like I always dream about.

Do you have a special plan that you would carry out during spring and summer? I would like to know, please?

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Ballenisles, Palm Beach Gardens

Ballenisles in Palm Beach Florida is breathtakingly beautiful. I never seen such a place with beautiful well manicured landscape everywhere your eyes could see.  It is truly a paradise on earth.

Steven had a tennis tournament over there and while I was watching him which he won victoriously  playing against the Canadian team double and single; I was taking the time to take pictures of the surrounding.

I have not posted anything like craft, cooking as often lately. To be honest, I am in a transition of becoming a full time photographer. I am happy that I am picking up a client here and there for the last 2 months. So I am spending my time on marketing and advertising  this new hobby turned business now a days. I never knew that taking pictures of people can be so much fun and joyful to me. I love the interaction and being outdoor on a photo assignment.

Also, our new home is under renovation. There is so much going on with the new home right now. It is overwhelming for both of us, especially Steven.

I can't wait to settle in the new home and ready for spring and summer time. 


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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Welcome Spring 2014!

Spring is in the air! I am welcoming spring time with this beautiful lovely pink pastel color flowers.

I wish I know the name of the flowers. If I could only take the time open and read the label written on the wrap of the flowers I would have known what it is. If you know the name; please let me know?

To some of you probably know that we are going to move into a new home. Well, it is taking a long time for us  fixing up the new home. And the truth is we are still living in the old home while it is in the process of selling to the new owner. To our advantage, it works very well since we do not have to live in the new home with the renovation has been going on in there. Hopefully with in a month we are going to move into our new home. And I am super excited.

In the mean time, and with these pretty flowers I am going to wish you a 'happy spring time!'

Thank you so much for reading!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Chadha Family

This is the second time I shot this family.

This time I get to know this family more and therefore I was comfortable shooting at their home. 

Before I officially became a photographer; I did not have any idea when reading a photography blog that overtime she, the photographer becoming a part of the family she is taking picture out of. From shooting a new born until the new born has grown to a toddler then to a teenager. I could not grasp how a client can be so loyal to
a particular photographer. But now I know how it feels like since I shot this family twice. I met the parents before and this time I met the brother and his wife. I am in love with this job more than ever. 

I was a full time blogger before. The same blog here at CuriositaEllya blog. I blogged about recipes, home decor, craft, journaling, and more. I spent many hours in front of the computer and quite often until almost morning. Then continued the next morning until I got nauseous and became ill. 

Now with the photography job, I go out all the time. Either in people's home or out in nature. What I really love about it is that I am interacting with people; laughing, joking, discussing and making new friends.

I am still learning but I am happy I found and very much interested in photography.

This baby is so adorable. I do not know why, each time I came close to her, talked and smiled to her, she smiled back at me. Which made the photo session so easy because I do talk and interact with my client during the shoot. As she laughed and smiled at me, her mother said "she likes you Ellya!" I do love children.

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