Monday, June 29, 2015

//High Tea with Bima//

I used to love mix and match vintage china plates to create a pretty cake stand and I had sold many through Etsy in the past(here). Unfortunately this small hobby turned into a small business must stop as it is getting harder to get a pretty decent vintage plates with a reasonable price these days. Plus to drill them is not an easy task. It took me almost one hour just to drill a hole in one plate for the cake metal rod to go through. So I decided to keep a few set for myself. And when my friend who lives in Philadelphia came to visit I had a good reason to display the cake stands once more time.

Too bad as there were not many friends can come that day but my husband Steven joined  us to add the fun. Still we had a great time and I am glad that my friend Bima got to see the cake stands I created and now I am enjoying them for a long time to come.


Thank you so much for reading and have a beautiful Monday!

Friday, June 19, 2015

//New Living Room Mantel Revealed//

Finally I got the perfect mantel I wanted. I love the clean look of the design with the greyish white marble framing the mantel. I think it goes with all the creamy and greyish color of the whole room.

Earlier I wanted to reveal the mantel a long with the wainscoting that the carpenter has been working on but suddenly the project stopped because he is under a treatment for a pancreas cancer. We can't do anything but waiting now until he is healthy enough to finish the project.

I have posted the living room without the mantel (here).

Meantime I am excited to show the mantel.

Thank you so much for reading!

Monday, June 15, 2015

//Photography Styling with Food (French Macarons)//

I love taking pictures of food that I cooked. But styling them so that the picture that I have taken looks pretty is a whole lot another level.

Although I am not the expert in this area; it is always a good idea to look or search for an inspirations like from the

Here I wanted the macarons to be photographed with a cup of tea in a pretty vintage cup.

Generally, there are tons of idea on how to style them. First of all, you need to decide the background. It can be on a table or like what I did on a piece of white washed wood. Then you need different type of flowers or branches with leaves. It all depends on how you want them to be photographed with. I knew I wanted them with different colors of flowers. Again, you can search on pinterest for these ideas.

With all of those elements on hand; I just started to have fun on photographing them. And basically I just play around with the flowers and the subjects to see how they photograph together. I can remove the plate or the cup of tea all together. I just re arranged the flower placements. I can go on and on and try different settings.

I also try different composition when snap the pictures. It help to put your photos on the instagram since it has to be a square size picture.

So what do you think? 
I love how these pictures turned out to be. But most important I had so much fun photographed them.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Friday, June 5, 2015

//Water Color Flower Painting Part 2 - Still Life with Roses//


To warm up my painting activity after a long 2 weeks trip to Asia I painted Roses Still Life and managed to create a video of it.

I did not know how the painting will turn out to be. I just paint. With the real flowers in front of me; I tried to copy as close as possible or if not to capture each flower. I have learned something new in the process that I do not have to create the exact shape of flower but giving a suggestion that they are roses. Then I realize that it is my style or at least for now until I learn more.

One important method I have learned is that - do not afraid to make mistake. And if you do, start all over again. And always practice. Paint anything, any flowers or any shape. Eventually you will gain confidence little by little that a beautiful shape will emerge on the paper and you will be happy for it. It is a process and it takes time but you will get there.

So what are you waiting for.  Pick up a brush and paint a simple flower you can find in your home or in your garden. That will be a good start.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Have a great week end Everyone.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

//Mint Lemonade//

On my recent trip to visit my family in Jakarta Indonesia, I took the opportunity to stop in Dubai to meet my good friend from college Dina. During a few hours we were together Dina took me to an Arabic sea food restaurant. The food was undeniably delicious but what kept in my mind was the 'mint lemonade'. I can't help but to have 2 glasses of this fresh delicious drink. Perfect for a hot humid Dubai weather at the time.

Dina and I.

The Mint Lemonade Dina introduced me at an Arabic restaurant called Sammach.

So now that I am home; I searched and found the recipe and tried it out for myself. The result is just as good or even better. I think I found my perfect summer drink; 'mint lemonade'. And so far I drink this almost every day since I got home 9 days a go.

So here is the recipe.

Mint Lemonade

For one standard size glass
~ 1 lemon
~ 3 sprigs of mint leaves
~ 1/3 cup sugar syrop
~ Ice cubes

1. Take the juice out of the lemon. 2. Put the mint  leaves in a blender and pour the lemon juice. 3. Pour the sugar syrop. 4. Put 3 or 4 small ice cubes. 5. Run the blender to chop the ice then liquify it. 6. Pour into a glass. 7 Put more 5 ice cubes. Ready to serve. Note: adjust the taste accordingly.

For the Syrop.
I just eye ball the amount of granulated sugar. 
Boil some water and put some amount of granulated sugar and wait until dissolve. Cool down and pour in the container and store in the refrigerator for when ready to use.


If you try this out, please let me know what you think about this drink.
Thank you so much!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Anggi and Dinda

I went back to my country Indonesia for 2 weeks and just came back home a few days a go. Therefore I am very sorry for  I have not posted anything new since then. 

It was nice to see the family again; my parents, brother and sister and their children but at the same time it was hectic trying to do so many things and to visit many places. And the plane ride going there and back was very tiring for me especially going back because on the way there I stayed over night in Dubai and got to rest and spent a few hours with my good friend from college whom I have not seen in 9 years. So it was not a difficult trip; but going back was the most tiring for me as I went back straight without any over night rest. And to recover from the whole trip took almost a week.

Anyways, before left for Jakarta, Indonesia I knew I wanted to take pictures of my 2 beautiful nieces; Anggi and Dinda. Anggi is my brother's daughter and Dinda is my sister's daughter. And I wanted them to wear a real flower crown for the shoot. Before I left, I called my mother to see if she knows any florist and she surely said there are many small flower shops near by her home. So I packed some floral wiring and tape to create 2 flower crowns that I wanted them to wear, this way I do not have to find materials to create the flower crowns over there.

The shoot was taken place near by my parent's home where I stayed and it was the last day of my staying there. Everything happened the last minute since my nieces has grown up and they are busy with work and schooling. Anggi used to be a model in Jakarta and now is working as Visual Merchandiser and Dinda is now studying Business and Communications.

So here are the pictures.

Thank you so much for reading.