Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Book from the Past

As if it was yesterday this book still gives me some excitement when I look at the page by page photographs.

I only bought this book about 12 years a go when I was a student. Buried somewhere in a box, I was thrilled to have found it when opened up boxes in our new home. Still it gives ton of inspiration as I turned the pages.

Do you have one book although it is old still gives you an inspiration and excitement each time you open up the pages? For me, this book embodied that one particular feel. Already I brewed some inspiration in my mind that I wanted to tackle as a home decor project in the future.

These images were shot with Nikkor 50 mm and 85 mm f/1.8D AF Nikon lenses. As a result the close up images creates an artistic photography rather then showing the full image of pages.

In the past I always fulfill my client's request to shoot them during mid day; for example 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm. It is up to you to educate your client to ask them to shoot around 4:00 pm or even 5:00 pm depends on the hours of the year like winter time or summer time as 5:00 pm it gets dark quicker during winter time. Shooting  portrait during this hour is so glorious. You will get that sharp soft images. From now on I will try to talk into my client to shoot during these hours only. It is a two way street. It is good for you but even better for your client as they will get a beautiful images of themselves.

Some of these images shot at 2:00 pm and some at 5:30 to 6:00 pm. Can you tell which one which  are those images?

If you interested in purchasing this book, it is available (here).

I do hope you enjoy looking at these images taken from Carolyn Quartermaine's REVEALED book.
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am not much of a cookie baker. But when saw this recipe over at Pinterest (here) I was excited to try it out for the first time. And it came out just like the original cookies I got the recipe from. It is moist, soft and delicious.

If you love cookies; this chocolate chips cookies recipe is one recipe to keep. You won't be disappointed. It is easy and quick to make and you do not need an electric mixer to mix the batter.  If you follow and read the instruction carefully; you can go wrong and you will end up with a delicious moist soft cookies.

If you feel like having these cookies go over to my Pinterest cookies collection here and the chocolate chip cookies recipe,  here. 
Just to warn you that you need to read the whole lengthy instructions in order to get it right. It is not difficult once you read the whole explanation and instruction.

Happy baking Everyone!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thinking of You

'What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. 
All that we love deeply becomes a part of us."
-Helen Keller-

you were once brought a rainbow
appeared on the horizon of my deepest soul
I, danced in colors
of your love, sorrow and tears
we swam to the end of the  universe
 giggling amongst stars
running through the valley of thunder
bare feet smothered with
rain fell  on our body
that was  a decade a go
I am seeing  your smile
behind the curtain of a thin lace
the aging face of mine

"what if.........."
a soft voice gently whispering in 
my ear

"what if......."
a soft sweet voice rushing in from the bottom of my feet 
to the tip of my hair

my eyes wide open

there is no one there, but my breathe
do you hear me?

This post is dedicated to a long lost people who used to be a part of our lives, whom used to have a special place in our heart, whom  smile, anger and laughter was once a part of ours. They exit from our presence for once and for all for what ever reason and no where to be seen again.  
I still remember them as yesterday. I smile for their tender care and kind and I let go the painful history we have spent in between. 
In my heart they come and go; but they are always there still in me.


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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Props & Preparation for a Newborn Photography

Although I only shot one time for a newborn; I am ready to take my newborn images to the next level.

When I was shooting  Emma Grace, I was not very lucky because Emma did not want to cooperate all the way through the session. First of all the shooting was at my home. Emma was almost 2 weeks old. When she arrive with her parents she was sound a sleep as newborn baby supposed to be. But as soon as the mother try to change her or try to take off her clothes she started to cry. From then on; she just won't stop crying unless the mother give her a bottle or the father hold her for a little while. Then when we tried to put on the head bands, she started to make a face as if she is trying to say she does not want to be dressed up. So the session was just not completely successful like I planned. It seems to me, Emma did not want to be photographed. Period. At this point, her mom and I gave up. Most of the time, her mom handled her. I was just touching her softly on her forehead to put her to sleep. She did quiet for a short period of time but then when we tried to move her to make a pose she moaned again. I did have a soft toy with a mechanical part that make a soothing sound like rain, ocean, etc. for her to sleep positioned next to her. But this did not help either.

Anyways, if you curious about the result you can check it here.

My heart and favorite are always photograph newborn, maternity and senior. If you ask me. But I photograph anybody simply because I love interact with people. Direct them to make a pose, try to create a good composition including style them. This is my passion. I am an artist. I am a painter before starting the new photography business. And I do still paint in my spare time.

I am also a crafter. I love working with my two hands; gluing, tearing, cutting, sewing them together to create a DIY piece from something. This is my nature and got these traits from my mother who is a seamstress and a good cook. 

It is only natural that I created these little head bands for newborn baby girl. Some I created from a vintage silk flower and some from a new silk flower. I tried to get the 'EllyaPhotography' look for my newborn photography. Although like Emma's mom; she brought her own props and head bands. So in the end; I did try mine and the clients'. If only I could get Emma cooperate.  In any session; let it be a senior I always like to work together. I want my client to have fun too. We discuss about everything in advance. And I answered all questions before hand. 

I enrolled myself on how to learn to photograph a newborn on an online course in the past. Nothing intensive; it was a short course. The rest I learned from youtube or reading from other photographers' blog about shooting a newborn. In this course I learned on how to handle the baby (oh, I am a mother of a 28 years old by the way and I love kids) from keep on washing your hands with anti bacterial wipes, a trick try to put the baby to close her eyes and finally fall asleep.  And of course the shooting itself and the kind of props I should have. To be honest; newborn is the most intensive labor job in photography. Simply because you have to have a lot of props with you all the time. Ton of blankets,  head bands,  hats, and sometime the heater during winter. Not to mention the photography equipment like, tripod, backdrop stand, umbrella lighting when the house has limited  natural light coming in. So it is the most labor intensive work like, carrying, setting up, etc. Although in the end it is not difficult at all. Unlike shooting a senior, they are an adult. They can carry stuff to the location and most of the time they know what to wear and pose. But the basic principal it is all the same.

I  sewn and stuffed my own little pillows to support the baby to make the poses. These pillows has it's own function. Two to create a butterfly pose while the other to create a frog pose. And the rest just to support her little legs and arms. They are all position under the blanket where the baby lay on.

So here are my equipment and props.

On below pictures I used 'the soothing sound toy' as a baby model. These are the positions that I was talking about with pillows under the blanket to support the baby to create poses. Of course there are so many positions for the newborn to pose. I am using a stiff toy who can not be posed accordingly.  I love seeing the part of face is sharp and the back of the toy's body is blurred (bokeh). This effect will occur to a human baby as well.

The color of the images are endless. Recently, I am trying to get the look of a roll of film effect of pictures. It might not look good for a newborn, there is no way of knowing until I have a real human baby. But then again, I can create so many effect in color of images through Photoshop Lightroom 5 with or without presets. So I am super excited about my next newborn session.

These are the head bands and tiny vintage flower crowns for the newborn baby girl to wear. I do not have a lot for baby boy since they are not wearing flower on their heads; I am going to start to look and collect some hats for them. I think they are so adorable. Last seen here. I love fashion and I love vintage, since I was a young girl I always try to look different. I do not like to look the same as what others are wearing. This is just me. So I always try to create and style my own signature styling.

These are blankets and baby wrappers. I still collect and buy new baby wrapper when I see something pretty and suitable my budget.

These are basket and filler for the baby to be tucked in. The wood planks are vintage. Bought them from an old barn in Vermont. I styled them together to see how the over all colors are going to be with these vintage plank wood background. All I need is a baby girl and I think she would look, pretty  simple and elegant. Which the style I always love so much in any styling of fashion, photography and home decor projects.

These are the little pillows that I created. And the baby lamb soothing sound toy.

I do not have a studio just to dedicate for portrait or a newborn photography. But my home has so much natural light coming in. We have been in this home for about 6 weeks. The openness feel of the whole rooms what I chose to live in this home. I know it is good for my photography business while shooting in door and in my home. It is a photographer's heaven when they are able to shoot in this environment with a lot of natural light coming in. Don't be surprised if at first I ask you to come to my home for this particular reason. But I am willing to travel to your home as long as you have a lot of natural sunlight source coming in your room for me to shoot. We can discuss about this before hand. Other wise the umbrella lighting will solve the problem although they say it is not the same. I have yet to test this fact.

It is only natural we, beginner photographers learned from others who already in the business for a long time. And try to incorporate their style with your own signature style. Since the sources are so much out there; you won't go wrong with what you picked in the end. As long as you know it is appropriate for (in this case) a newborn baby girl and boy or a twin. Here are the example of other new born photographers.
Source; here.

Source; here.

This is not my image. But I love this style. Following to the newborn session; I would add a package for what I called 'the newborn is an older baby' package. This is good for Mom and her once newborn to be photographed because she is now a little older that she can be carrying and holding such a way to be photographed with the mom.
Source; here.

Ohhh....what a darling little picture this is. Now she is much older.

Well, just to update you on how excited I am to shoot another newborn. Hopefully she or he will cooperate this time. And from the bottom of my heart I thank Emma's mom for trusting me to shoot her newborn; Emma Grace.  The experiences was just beyond anything I could imagine. Because of her; I am much more confidence shooting a newborn for the future.

Thank you so much for reading!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Neena & Raj

There is something magical about capturing someone's glow when about to enter a 'motherhood' on the camera.  Her beauty and pure joy clearly radiant through out her presence. 

She looks happy, calm and comfortable in front of the camera.  I know these pictures will always be a part of the family for generations to come.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Beautiful Vintage Bright & Bold

Beautiful Vintage Bright & Bold

Diamond pattern rug

Cream throw pillow

Black accent pillow

Brass home decor

Antique gold mirror

Nailhead furniture

Walnut furniture

Payne wooden end table

Tufted furniture

Low table

Handcrafted furniture

Brutalist Gold Leaf Horse on Marble Base

When I was received an email from Daphne, Community Manager at Chairish,  asking to do a styling board about a bright accent chair from their online store; I immediately jumped into the project.

 I love creating a styling board. And home decor is one of my passion. I picked a bright yellow spaceage tufted chair to build my styling board.   Since the chair is very bright in yellow color, I chose to put the neutral beige sofa and it's decorative pillows to anchor and tie everything together. As an accent I picked gold sunburst, ottoman,  industrial tear drop pendant lamp and small vignettes to decorate here and there. 

The duo rustic wood side table adds a flair the interior. Playing with different material of furniture while staying  cohesive and elegant is one element that I love creating in a beautiful modern vintage interior. 

Please do stop by at Chairish. Their vintage exclusive home decor collection are just beautiful. And for more gorgeous vintage accent chairs please click here.


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