Friday, March 27, 2015

//Living Area & Dining Area Revealed//

It took me exactly a year to finish decorate this room.

The living room and the formal dining area are in one huge room. That is how the previous owner laid out their furniture and I am doing the same as I do not know where else to put the formal dining table. It only make sense to put them together side by side. As shown on these pictures.

We still have not finished with the mantel. And as you can see my husband Steven put the sample tile on both sides of the fire place.

The two Louis chairs got from Wayfair. Before when started decorating this room and in my mind I wanted teal color on the upholstery of the Louis chairs. I thought I could buy a vintage Louis chair frames and change the cover myself. I was searching for the right chairs and could not find any. If they were available when calculated the price it became quite costly plus I have to do an extra work which I never guarantee of the result. There were a teal cover Louis chairs but they were too much for our budget. So these are the best choice for us. And I am happy with them.

Looking at all of pictures of each rooms (like entrance way, dining area, in the living room on top of fire place, and on the credenza) I noticed that all of the art works on the wall were all mine. I created or painted them all.

The three pink art works in the dining area are not painting. They are intaglio. I bought the intaglio from Ebay and glue them on a painted background and double frame them, small and the actual frame.

Living room

Dining area


Entrance way

From second floor.


This wooden container box  used for an elderly to put ingredients to chew betel. The small compartments were used to store leaves, and betel called areca nuts other ingredients or even tool. I remember when I was growing up and as a little girl, my family had an older lady as a servant. We called her "Nek Slamet" (nek short for nenek means grandma or older lady and Slamet is the name of her only son). I did not even know her real name. We, my siblings and I used to watch her chewing betel. She would take the leaves put the ingredients in the middle and chewed it or put the bundle between her upper lip and the gum. We thought it was the funniest thing. We did not understand why she did this all the time. Because and  as she chewed the betel her mouth turns orange and red in color. Chewing betel is the same as smoking cigarette or smoking cigars. More info (here and here). Oh about Nek Slamet, I wish I could see her again. What a kind old lady she was. She took care of us like her own children. We did not know or appreciate this then as everyone in my country has servants but now I wish I could hug her and hear her telling stories about our childhood.

So this is an old box that an elder woman used to store her betel stuff inside.

These are wooden puppet or in bahasa Indonesia; wayang. Wayang originally is from Java, Indonesia. These wayangs are used to perform a theatrical and entertain  commoners in Java as a shadow puppet. But these  particular wayangs embellished in an ornate for home decoration.


I think these pictures were taken January 2014. As you can see there are some snow outside. After a long period of renovation we moved in last June. I remember we did not have a kitchen when moved in. Only 2 months later the kitchen finally finished. And will reveal it next time.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

//Water Color Perfumes//

I have been painting water color perfumes these days. To me, this activity is very addictive - especially my health condition is not allowing me to do any strenuous activity right now and I must keep my heart rate does not go above 140/150. This is not good because even when I do an activity around the house like doing laundry, make up the bed, going up and down the steps in the house - the defibrillator can go off easily which happened to me a couple of times in the last couple of months or so. For you whom are not familiar with this device which the Dr. planted on my chest - when it goes off it was like you were electrocuted with a high voltage electric in your chest for a second. It is not fun. As a result of this I had a small procedure done a few days a go called 'ablation'. It was a simple procedure but now I must rest for about two weeks. And this water color painting activity is perfect for my health condition right now.

I don't know why but I really love painting using water color medium - especially on a pretty perfume images. I am imagining the water color perfume will be perfect on a vanity a long with other pretty make up items for a display. Also they are pretty to hang on a wall as a group. 

As you can see I have painted a few of Shalimars, Chanels, Chloes and I am in the middle of a commission work for a Dior "Diorissimo. "Thank you for the order Ine - I think you will like it!" Ine is one of my good friend from back when we were living in Jakarta, Indonesia. But now she lives all over the globe; Italy, Bali and Australia. I know she is a very lucky girl.

The vanity I picked up and bought from Craiglists. Although it looks beat up and old I see there is a huge  potential on this vanity when I am done  repaint them this spring/summer. I can't wait to get my hands dirty on this vanity real quick to make it pretty. So far it does the job greatly as it has two deep drawers in the bottom where I can put bigger cosmetic stuff. And  above it - it has two smaller drawers. So it is practical and functional.

So let's take a look the water color perfume images I created so far. Let me warn you that there will be tons of images as I can not decide which goes on the post as they are all pretty.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for looking!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

//Baby Matthew//

Baby Matthew was only 11 days when I photographed him.  And he is looking so adorable, don't you think!

I always enjoy photograph a newborn. I found photograph a newborn a little challenging. There are  many aspects required when photograph a newborn. The baby must be very comfortable in his or her new environment. And this comes with many requirements. If you start embarking on a journey of taking picture of a newborn, please arm yourself by searching the 'how tos' on the internet or youtube. There are tons of lessons over there. Taking picture of a newborn is not like taking picture of children, teenagers, seniors, couple or family. There are many rules and tricks you need to know. And props are as important. 

 This is the third time I photographed a newborn. Although I have little experiences and facing some challenges I am eager to learn more. And I am still looking for the perfect poses. All and all I am very happy with the session with baby Matthew.

Each session boost my confidence more and each session I learned a great lesson. So I am very hopeful the next newborn photo session will be the perfect one.

I am very happy with the baby outfit props all DIY by me. Tutorial, here.

Thank you so much for looking!

Newborn Props //Pants & Beanie - DIY//

These newborn photo props are so easy to make. Here I created out of my own old sweaters. You can buy them inexpensively at a thrift store. Just be sure that they are clean and soft. They are so adorable and cute for a new born to wear for a photo session. Let me remind you that this is addictive - you will want to create these again and again. And oh, when you are done just hand stitch a velvet heart shape on to the front side of the beanie. If it is for a newborn girl then you might want to put a flower on the beanie.

For the beanie.

For the pants.

Happy sewing Everyone!