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An afternoon at the "Spring/Summer Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show."

"Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show" is like no other vintage clothing show I ever experienced before. From the minute I entered the entrance door until 2 hours later walked out the same door; I transformed into another time where the nostalgic of vintage fashion goes way before you were born up until about 1990s is under one roof. The adrenaline is pumping and I did not know even where to start to look. What was in front of me is definitely an ultra  exclusive old, used vintage fashion items at it's best !

Every direction I looked; saw vintage dresses, vintage gowns, vintage tops, vintage blouses, vintage sweaters, vintage jackets, vintage skirts, vintage swim suits, vintage hats, vintage blazers, vintage coats, vintage pants suits, vintage jumpsuits, vintage shoes, vintage lingerie, vintage jewelry, vintage handbags/purses and vintage glasses/sunglasses. They are from different eras, different style, from top designers like YSL, Nina Ricci, Gucci, Chanel, to a more affordable Italian designers like Genny (which I spotted and bought; here)

After minutes from entering the door I realized I ended up in a booth where a rack of row of skirts were hanging. A young Asian woman came and handed out a bright lime green skirt to me and said "this color is very much in trend right now!" I smiled and took the skirt from her hand and thought to myself how does she know that is the one I was attracting to ? It was a "Nina Ricci"! I liked it already. Remember, I just walked in 2 minutes ago. The price tag is USD 130.00. Not bad for a Nina Ricci.  The next thing I knew she escorted me to the fitting room which was located on the other side of the hallway. It was a perfect fit. Later her boss an older woman said "I can give you for USD 100.00!" I told her politely I just came in and I want to see more what's out there. So I left leaving the Nina Ricci's skirt behind.

I was walking aimlessly and was mesmerized by the beautiful items hung and displayed at every direction my eyes could set upon. Thought I was in a Vintage Clothing heaven. Perhaps I was !

Oh yes, before I forget I must take some pictures since I want to write a full article about this lovely afternoon experienced in my blog.


Isn't she look like a beautiful young princess from a fairytale land ?

Then I saw two young ladies wearing a gorgeous necklace that I never had seen before. So I asked them politely if I could take their picture wearing the lovely necklaces. To my surprised they were very nice and let me take the pictures.

Julie Skinner is wearing a Laurent G. necklace.

A close up shoot

 A purse from Julie's boutique.

I could have spent 2 hours there but I decided to go home after scored 2 tops; "here",  "a polka dot anorak" (which I am excited to showcase in this blog in the near future) and" a pair of vintage golden Chanel earrings" here  before I did some serious damage. so happy with my purchased and said to myself; "definitely must come back to the next show !"

More pictures from the show

The lobby.

 I brought home some 'nostalgia' in a shopping bag.

At home I found out from checking out  the business card the lovely lady handed out to me, is a high end vintage clothing dealer herself and an ex top model; her name is Julie Skinner. A full article about her, here. I remember how sweet she was when I asked to take picture of one of the purse displayed on the table in her booth. I was in awe realizing that I have met a celebrity that afternoon. Then the idea of sending her two questions about her and the necklace that she was wearing came into my mind. It would be a good article to have in my blog. So I did.

I have not heard from her for about two weeks and a little disappointed that I could not include her answers to my questions in my blog about the necklace. So I was about to write the blog without the answers all together. What a pleasant surprised when I received her email yesterday. I was in such joy that afternoon to finally have her answered my two questions. 

So these are the Q & A or a short interview with 'lovely' Julie Skinner. Thank you very much, Julie ?


Q: Tell me about yourself ?

J.S.: Hello Ellya,
I apologize. It has been extremely hectic here, as I am 8 months pregnant and relocating next week to Los Angeles.

I would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

The website gives a detailed explanation of how I started and where we are now. (yet we are moving to Beverly Hills this month) We work with clients all over the world. 
Recently we have been featured in W magazine on Elle and Dakota Fanning, in interview magazine on Katy Perry as well as Spanish Vogue, U.S. Vogue, and Italian Vogue.

Q: Could you please explain about the necklace you are wearing ?

J.S.: The designer is Laurent G. He is a current jewelry designer, working from Paris. He has designed for the likes of Paco Rabanne, Chanel, YSL, Christian Lacroix for the past 30 years. His designs will be showcased on within the next week or two.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Isn't she sweet ? I replied her email by wishing her best of luck, success and happiness in her new home in L.A. and a new baby on the way.

I did not hear from the you lady that looked like a young princess from the fairytale land; but I am very happy to have Julie Skinner emailed me personally and explained about the piece she was wearing during the Vintage Clothing Show. This means a lot to me plus it would make a positive impact on my Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show blog post.

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