Friday, May 4, 2012

An old friend came visiting me...

Ine Gandah Catalano is an old friend of mine from Jakarta, Indonesia. She lives in Rome, Italy -  Perth, Australia and Bali, Indonesia.  (Yes, she flies to all continents every few months or so...)
Our only son went to the same elementary school in Jakarta many years ago. I have not seen her for about 20 years but thanks to Facebook; we found each other about a year ago. So I was very excited when she told me that she will come to New York with her husband whom attending a business conference in Manhattan, New York.

Through Facebook I knew Ine and I share the same hobby; collecting vintage china ! We often talk about it in Facebook. So I told her if she comes visiting me, I will make  a high tea luncheon for us. I thought this is a nice intimate way to show her my vintage china collection and to celebrate our reunion. 

Our meeting was fun and memorable. We talked about 'the old days.'  And of course we talked about our passion; vintage china ! We exchanged stories about her buying vintage china in Europe and myself in the US. In the end I took Ine to a near by small town where I know  an antique store selling  good vintage plates. Ine bought quite a few beautiful vintage plates and tea cups from the store. And I was happy that she found what she likes.

I was proudly drove her around to show Ine my neighborhood.  She seemed enjoying the ride and looking at beautiful houses and stores as we were driving through. Sometimes we stopped and took a picture one or two. Then we said 'goodbye' as I dropped her at the train station. 

It was definitely  nice meeting Ine again especially after so many years.

Ine and I


Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwich

- 4 slices  white bread
- 4 slices smoked salmon
2 tbsp  mayonaisse
- 2 tbsp chopped dill
- lime juice and zest

1. Mix mayonaisse, dill, lime juice and zest. 2. Spread the mayonaisse mix on top of slices of bread. 3. Put 2 slices of smoked salmon on each 2 bread and put the other two slices on top. 4. Cut the crust on all sides and cut the sandwich into 3 rectangle (makes for 6 small rectangle sandwiches)


Egg Salad Tea Sandwich

- 4  slices traditional pumpernickel bread
- 3 hard boiled eggs, chopped
- 2 tbsp mayonaisse
- 1 tsp dijon mustard
- 2 tbsp chives, chopped
- 2 tbsp crispy bacon bits
Salt and pepper to taste.

1. Mix the chopped eggs, mayonaisse, dijon mustard, chopped chives, bacon bits and salt/pepper. 2. Spread the egg salad mix on the 2 slices of bread and cover with the other two bread. 3. Cut the crust on all sides and cut the sandwich into 3 rectangle (makes for 6 small rectangle sandwiches)


Cucumber Tea Sandwich

- 4 slices white bread
- Thin slices of cucumber
- Butter, room temperature
- Salt

1. Spread butter on all bread slices. Sprinkle with salt very lightly. 2. Arrange cucumber on top of 2 slices of bread. 3 Cover the with the other 2 bread. 3. Cut the crust on all sides and cut the sandwich into 3 rectangle (makes for 6 small rectangle sandwiches)

Note: Before making all sandwiches; using dough roller I thin the bread slightly by running the dough roller on top each sandwich. And to keep the sandwich moist and before serving; cover the sandwiches with damp paper towel and cover them with plastic wrap. It can be refrigerated.

Macaron : here


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