Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dream Home Color Palette

Our house is on the market for almost 2 years now. We are definitely eager to move in to a more spacious home.

Selling a house is not as easy these days since the house market has gotten weak. Each day I am more and more anxious, dreaming and picturing in my mind what the house would be like; what is my studio would be like. I am excited but I would not lie that I am quite nervous each time people comes to see the house knowing after a working hard cleaning and tidy up that they will leave and never hear from them again. At the end I keep on telling myself; when the time comes then I will start thinking more seriously about the details, etc.

In the meantime I can only dreaming about the color palette of the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen and a little about my working area and studio. After all, it is good to dream and imagining things that makes you happy.

I fell in love with greyish and pewter color interior. So here are sample of color palette that I would like to see popping in my dream home.

Source: buknola

Source; decorpad

All of these interior rooms has one thing in common; they are all has  gold accent to the room. It can be a wall molding, a mirror frame, a chair frame, table lamp or a tray.  I think it adds glamor, elegance and drama to the room. I love gilded furniture as long as it is being displayed sparingly. The dominant colors are grey and white/cream.

These are definitely the colors I would like to see in my future dream house.

Good night ! And thank you for reading !


  1. mbak Ellya, my husband is a realtor here in NJ and we know the inventory of houses for sale are thinning out. We think its because the market is getting better. I hope your house will get sold asap too :) btw i love all the color palletes but my favorite is the second from top because theres pink it :)

  2. Thank you, I hope so too !!
    I agree, I think the bedroom must have splash of feminine soft color. Grey is kind a neutral. It is only fair to my husband.....!


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