Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cup Cake Liner and Decorative Doilies Gift Wrap

Pretty gift wrap ideas for Mothers Day, Birthday and many more!  Most of what you need to create these gift wraps ideas are probably can be found in your home.

What you need;
^ Foam brush
^ Small plastic container to mix paint
^ Scissor
^ Glue
^ Jute Cords, available at Michaels
^ Small cup cake liners 
^ Decorative cake doilies; different sizes
^ News papers
Note: I am using Baron newspaper where pages only shows stock market index; I think it is better since there is no picture but tiny numbers
^ Double tape
^ Acrylic paints, color of you choice
^ Decorative  flowers; available on sale at Michaels. USD 0.99 for 2 and the other one USD 1.99 for two.  (I am sorry I forgot to take picture of these flowers!)

How to make the color gift wrap news paper.
1. Squeeze paint into plastic container; add water to dilute it. You want to wash the news paper not to cover the numbers print on the news paper. 2. With foam brush; brush lightly the entire newspaper. 3. Wait about 40 minutes to dry. 4. When the painted news paper dried; wrap  the box. Secured with double tape.

How to make decorative gift wrap no. 1
1. Fold the doily (cake liner) in half. Then fold again in quarter, continue to fold in to one eight. 2. Cut the fold with scissor each time you fold.  You will ended up having 8 small triangular shape of doilies. 3. Arrange these small triangular pieces and glued them to the gift wrap box. 4. Tie the box using jute cord and place the decorative flower in the middle. Note: You can use any shape. Use your imagination and creativity to get different shapes and place them all over the box until you get the design you like.

How to make decorative gift wrap no. 2
1. Take the cup cake liner and open them flat. Place each one on the sides of 4  top side of box.  Leaving a space to put decorative flower in the middle. Note: You can put row of cup cake liner all the way to the bottom on each side. It's entirely up to you.  2. Tie the same way with any color jute cord of you choice. 3. Then place the decorative flower in the middle.

How to make decorative gift wrap no. 3
1. Take 1 mini cup cake liner. Fold in in half. Double tape in the middle so it won't open. 2. Take another mini cup cake liner, again fold in half. Then using scissor cut the curve edge just about 1/8" to make a slight smaller (a fan shape) then the first one. Using double tape; tape them together. 3. Place the smaller fan shape cup cake liner just under the original one; secure with double tape so they stay together. Then tape them on to the side of the box. 4. Lastly, take the same size cup cake liner but different color (mine is silver) fold in half; secure with double tape and cut 1/4" off the edge so it will be the smallest size amongst the three of them. Place it just under the no. 2 fan shape cake liner you already glued on to the box. Secure it with double tape. You want to create a row of 3 fan shape cup cake liners from the biggest all the way down the the smallest.
5. Repeat the entire session to decorate on the other side of the box. Leaving a gap in between for the flower to sit on. 6. Tie it with color of jute cord your choice. Place the decorative flower in the middle in between the two groups of decorative fan shape cup cake liners.

To make decorative gift wrap no. 4 (last one) is a no-brainer. Just take a doily and place it in the middle. Tie and place the flower in the middle.

Good luck !

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