Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Blues

I can not help myself to post a small home decor design boards when saw these blue glass objects from One Kings Lane.

I am crazy in love with small beautiful versatile simple decoration objects. And these are some of the things I love to have a round the house. And they are on sale at One Kings Lane.

Available at One Kings Lane

We (Steven and I) are in the middle of selling our home. It is so much fun to be able to imagine what your new home would be like.  The style or type of decoration you'd like to see in your new home. It is not easy and certainly quite costly but if you start looking from now and if you are looking at the right places you will be able to pull it off and get exactly what you want. It is  a constant learning process but I am right now training my eyes to see color, objects or furniture so when the time comes I {I should say 'we'} know what we want.

Do you have a home design/decor dilemma that you want to share ? I really want to hear them? I am not an expert and after all, we are all learning from each other.

Thank you for stopping by !

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