Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Decor {Hand Painted Pine Cones + DIY}

I am little hesitant when it comes to decorate home during fall winter time. Perhaps it is because 'orange reddish' aren't my favorite colors. But I was inspired by  few  bloggers whom did a beautiful job on decorating their home during this season. So I  had simple idea to paint pine cones with colors that are not orange and red; {well there is a little orange and red but I added midnight blue and pale mint grey colors}. I grouped and placed them in milk glass jars that I bought very inexpensive at a flea market while a go {here}. Then I added two stems of 'antique hydrengea' each placed in a milk glass bud vase. The florist told me it is the flower for the fall season.

The white distressed tray was a 'DIY' {here}

The pine cones were bought at Michaels. I painted them using craft acrylic  paint; deep midnight blue, marmalade, sea glass and coral blush. I used artist brush to paint the pine cones. Just to warn you; this is a messy job ! I can only suggest that you use gloves when paint them and please use artist brush because the bristle can go deep inside the pine cones. As you can see I can not go deep enough to cover the who pine cones but it turned out to be beautiful with the original brownish darker color peek through on the inside.

So this will be my fall decoration so far. 

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