Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fell in Love with Trumeau Mirror

Many moons ago I saw this mirror called 'trumeau' somewhere in a magazine, in a museums, trip to Paris and fell in love with the motifs that painted on the top panel of the mirror. I am sure you may have saw them before too ! 
To learn more about trumeau mirror, click here !

Patricia our 'home service cleaning lady' share the same passion as I do; flea markets, vintage china, sewing, home decor, etc. So when she comes to our home we always talk about these things. One day she came and showed me a magazine that has a store advertisement selling decorative items that she wants to buy. Since she does not have computer she asked me to open it up and look what are in the store. Here. She bought and ordered a few things. Patricia has been working for my husband Steven since he was a single man until now for more than 10 years. So I was more than happy helped and ordered them for her. But then I thought about making the trumeau mirror out of these decorative items. So I saved the website address in my computer for one day when I am ready to DIY the mirror I will have it handy. The problem is I need space to do it and have been waiting for our home to be sold and move into a bigger home but it has not happened yet {well it is another story!}

Meanwhile I saw a few beautiful DIY trumeau mirrors on Pinterest,  DIYed by these creative ladies. I could not believe that someone had the same idea as I do. Except I have not made mine yet. So here are some of the lovely trumeau mirrors made by these ladies.

Then one day when we were started to decorate our condo in Delray  Florida, I saw this mirror in a store and I just got to have it. Especially it was only USD 45.00. It is now sitting on top of a dresser in our guest bedroom. I am thinking to put a new look on this trumeau mirror but I have not got my hands on it yet. I am planning to stay in Florida for 2 weeks and just do a make over furniture that we  bought {it is still a plan but definitely a must in the near future}.

Well, that is the story of how I fell in love with this elegance, classic french trumeau mirror.

Thank you so much for reading !

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