Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Power of Positive Thinking

Have you ever encountered a situation where thing is going down the hill and you feel bad and sad then you start saying to yourself; it will be working out just fine ? 

Well I have the same situation just a few days a go. Although this is not a huge problem but I believe in positive thinking and the power that comes within.

As we all know that I love making vintage cake stand and I am selling them through my Etsy store called MelatiRose. 

Last time I was in Florida for a month and there were lots of purchasing through my store in Etsy during that month coming to Christmas time. One in particular is from Paris who asked about the cost of shipping of one of the cake stand that she interested in purchasing. I literally took a few plates and brought them over to the post office near our home in Florida so that I can provide her with the shipping cost estimation. The actual cake stand was in New York. Long story short we went back and forth and she agreed to put the cake stand on hold. So I did just that. But when I arrived in New York ready to ship it she backed out and decided not to purchase the cake stand because at this point she afraid it will not be arriving on time for Christmas Eve. So that is fine with me. Little disappointed but that's okay !

Then about 5 days a go someone asked if she paid the cake stand {different one} now could she  gets it on time by Dec. 24th. I immediately check usps.com  on the internet and found out that it takes 1 week to get to her zip code and the next day was Saturday.  I told her if she paid now I will ship it tomorrow {which was Saturday} she will get it by Dec. 22. I did not hear from her. At this point I packaged the cake stand ready to go for shipment on Saturday morning. A day past by, 2 days past by. I did not hear from her. So I figured by this time there is no way she could get the cake stand on time unless she is willing to pay for an express overnight package which can cost a lot just for shipping. So another cake stand that did not sale !

3 days a go I opened my Etsy account found that similar plate bought and paid by another person along with 2 of my vintage earrings. Yes, that same cake stand. But saw a note  below the invoice saying that she is collecting vintage cobalt blue and gold accent china and asked if I can change the top smallest plate with the same color; cobalt blue with gold accent. And she added by saying that the cake stand is so pretty !

Now, this is the power of positive thinking comes in. When the first person did not reply I knew somebody else will eventually buy this cake stand. And I was thinking to change the listing by changing the smallest plate to the same cobalt blue with gold accent like the middle plate and the bottom plate so they will be all similar in cobalt blue with gold accent theme. I happened to buy vintage plates everywhere I go if I see something that I liked and something that I can add to my current for sale cake stands to make them prettier. Recently in Florida I bought cobalt blue with gold accent small plate ready to replace the current one. See things comes in full circle as I was about to change it this person could read my mind and asked for a similar one which I happened to have. Because sometimes this request can not be fulfilled simply because I do not have the item.

Immediately I said to her; of course I would be happy too because I was about to change it anyway without additional charge. Not only that she purchased the cake stand she also bought 2 pair of vintage earrings along with the cake stand. So it is a happy ending story for me.
You see, it's not always about the money but I am happy when someone appreciates my creation and my choice in making and choosing these one of a kind cake stands. I put a lot of time searching on the internet for these plates so that they will look good together. I have to be extra careful with price also. Because some of them are really pretty but they cost almost a USD 100.00 per plate. If it is too expensive no one will buy them. So I must find the pretty one that is affordable so that I can make an affordable price for people to purchase as well.
They said, it is a lot easier to make a business if you really love doing what you are doing. And I love pretty vintage plates. Not only that I love mix and match them very much ! I love the process of creating it and see them becoming into one pretty cake stand and finally sold to someone who really loves them. I love it !

So back to the topic of this post, in life, thing like this happened to me so many times. I feel blessed and grateful for what I have right now. Sometimes little thing like this makes life so meaningful and so much more beautiful. 

I believe what ever you do; if you do it with 'passion,'' patient', 'hard work' and 'believe'; success eventually will be coming to you. Life is a journey. Everything in your life comes down to these 5 words.

Do you see that I changed the smallest top plate to similar theme; cobalt blue rim with gold accent ? It looks so much more beautiful now ! I think she will like them. Now that the smallest plate has similar cobalt blue and gold theme I kind a love this cake stand myself. Hhhhmmmm...!!

Thank you so much for stopping by !

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