Friday, March 1, 2013

Pom-pom Stem Flowers DIY. {It's spring time!}

Spring is around the corner. One way to bring spring time colors into your home is decorating with pop of colors.

I was up very late last night and when wondering around my arts & crafts drawers; found these colorful pompoms I bought a while a go. Continued and curious searching in the bins and drawers then I found this magazine tear sheet I collected and thought someday it might be useful for an inspiration. Well, sure enough I thought; why not making these pompoms into these ball shape flowers just like the one on the tear sheet. I was so excited, immediately I took a couple of pompoms and tried it out immediately. I did not want to wake up my husband by making so much noise and it was almost 2 am in the morning so I continued the next day.

So here they are!

Oh the inspiration! You can make bigger size of flower by building up more pompoms around them. And you can use bigger vase to create open and tall flower arrangement.

The step by step.

1. Take two pompoms by joining and glueing them together.
2. Then glue another one on top.
3. Start building a ball form of pom pom flower by adding one pom pom at a time.
4. Finally the flower pom pom has done.You can make bigger ball size pom pom flower by keep adding more pom poms.

~ Pom poms available at Michaels
~ Glue available at Michaels
~ Bamboo skewer stick available at asian grocery store
~ Porcelain green bird available at Michaels
~ Distressed white tray was DIY by Ellya {here}
~ Varieties milk glass vintage vases bought at a flea market.


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