Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to Make Mini Banner Topper for a Cake {DIY}

Here is a mini banner topper tutorial I made for the Lemon Drop Cake {Mother's Day}

What you need
~Variations of fabrics
~ 2 bamboo skewers
~ Fabric glue Fabri-Tac
~ Scissor
~ Cord
~ Vintage lace and trimmings (I was going to use these but in the end I did not use it}

For the triangular pieces
1. Cut a diamond shape of variations of fabrics
2. Put glue all over on the bottom side of the piece diamond shape fabric. And place the cord in the middle. {Do it one by one; not two pieces at a time as shown on picture}
3. Fold the diamond shape fabric. Repeat with different pattern of fabric a cross the cord line to the end. The number of these pieces depends on how many letters {if you decide to use letters} or the size of the cake.

Hot to make the bow on the banner.
1. Cut 1/4" wide of 8' long fabric. 
2. Tie the cord to the bamboo skewer when finished created all of the triangular pieces.
3.Put glue on top of the tied knot and put the bow on both sides {you need to make 4 bows if you wish}

If you want to create lettering on the triangular pieces; you can stamp the letter or {like I did} I cut my own letter free hand and glue them on to the triangular pieces.
The complete look of this topper is here.

That's all there is to it!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy the pasta con broccoli recipe! I love, love, love this mini cake banner! I have been wondering how to do one of these, def. going to pin and you have a new follower! :)


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