Monday, April 1, 2013

Week-end Ski Trip {Vermont}

We were invited to stay at a friend's family home up in the mountain of Vermont yesterday week-end to ski.

I could not ski although I have tried and took lesson before. So while they were skiing I drove around and stopped by at an antique store and as usual I enjoyed looking and finding treasures that people neglected. I love antiquing when going to a small rural town like this one. Wilmington, Vermont is known for a ski mountain resort called Snow Mountain. 

I knew I had a couple of hours by myself. So I took the time to photo shoot the goodies that I bought a long with Daffodils flowers also bought at a grocery store over there.

I love Adam and Estrellita family ski home. The surrounding are beautiful and that day was particularly a little warm, bright and sunny. 

Daffodils are  a sign of  spring time has arrived. Although there were still lots of snow on the ground; it was a beautiful day and I did enjoy my time a lone doing these photo shoots.

 The next day, Sunday, we all went home. Since the Daffodils were not fully bloomed; Estrellita took a bunch home and I took another bunch for myself with me. I will take picture and show you on another post when these pretty Daffodils were fully bloomed.

I hope you had a fantastic Easter celebration with family. 
And thank you so much for stopping by!

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