Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Make Fabric Wrap Gift Box {DIY}

What you need;
1. Varieties of printed fabrics. The thin cotton is better because otherwise it would be too thick and the box will not be able to close and put on top another. {Quilt fabrics avail. at Jo Ann's Fabrics}
2. Thick lead pencil
3. Scotch Super 77 spray glue {available at Michaels}
4. Scissor
5.Empty craft boxes
6. Varieties of embellishments like trimmings, ribbons, ephemera, tag, rosettes, vintage items, etc. {avail. at Michaels}
7. Medium size of packaging box to put cut fabric while spraying.
Additional material;
8. Glue gun to attached hard embellishment like plastic {avail. at Michaels}
9. Fabric glue to attach ribbon or trimmings. {avail. at Michaels}
10. Mod Podge glue (avail. at Michaels}

More pictures; {here}

1. Cut fabric large enough to cover the entire box plus 1/4" on the inside.
2. Place bottom part of box in the middle and trace the middle part of the box.
3. Tilt one side of the box and trace that part. Do it on the other 3 sides.
4. You will ended up a drawing on fabric like this.

5. Using scissor; cut the pencil line on the outer part. But leave extra fabric of 1/4 inch for two sides a cross each other. Please see the 4 black line is where you cut.
6. You will ended up having a 4 flaps like these; two one side and two on the opposite side.
7. Put the cut fabric in the box and give it a good spray. Leave for about 1 minute then transfer to your work area.
8. Place the box in the middle.

9. Starting with the side with flap; carefully attached and rub fabric gently  on the side of the box.
10. Do the same on the opposite side.
11. Then do the other two sides.
12. You are finished wrapping the bottom part of the box. Repeat the entire process for the top part of the box EXCEPT do not leave extra to fold inside the box. The reason is because the box will get to thick on the 4 corners that the box will not be closed and or will not be able to insert on top of the bottom part of box. Using small brush with mod podge glue; paint the fray edge of material on the box.

Thank you so much for looking!


  1. Thank you for this lovely project. I love the colours in your photos.

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