Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sweet in Red Home Decor Journal/Collage {May 2013}

This month I was attracted to red color. There is something about red that intrigue us. It is the color of passion, lust, joy, romance, love but it is also the color of anger, violence and rage. Red color represents cupid and devil. 

Red is not my favorite color but there is something about red; it's 'powerful' and in case you are wondering why 'red' carpet not 'blue', 'black or 'green'? It is a symbol of power and bravery. I did not invent this myself I searched this through Google. And of course we all know that red is associated as being 'sexy'. I used to have a  'brilliant red' color car but I never have a red dress.

I love tearing and keep pretty pictures from magazines and I love collecting papers like candy wrapper, cookie wrapper or even perfume boxes. And it is a tradition in curiositaellya blog to create a home decor or any theme of collage each month. 

So what is your favorite color? My favorite color is blue and grey.

Happy Mother's Day Everyone! 
And have a fantastic week end!

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