Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tutu Skirt {DIY & Tutorial}

Tutu skirt is so feminine, romantic and easy to make. Not to mention that tulle fabric is quite inexpensive too! And comes in many colors. Can't wait to make another one in the future. I think the most inexpensive one are the one from Jo Ann Fabrics. I like wearing this skirt with chambray top, t-shirt, plain black shirt, or sequin top. It is fun!

I show some of my findings in Pinterest below.

Huhhh!! Is that me? How did I get there!
Source: Pinterest

I apologize if my drawing isn't clear. I did not take any pictures of the actual fabric except when it was finished. I tried my best to draw all the step by step. Hope it will help.

1. Do below with all of your fabrics; lining and tulle skirt layers.
Note; I think it would be prettier if the tulle skirts are in 4 layers. Mine on the picture are 3 plus lining. It looks prettier that way. You want it to be full and look like ballerina skirt. Most tutorial do not mention this. It all depends on how much gathered you want around the waist. I do not want a lot of gather but only a little.

2. Now let's talk about 'the waist area'. As you can see I put white dots around the waist on below diagram. If you need more gathered you need to cut bigger waist and using your machine creates a gathered by loosing the stitches and pull the thread. The bigger the opening the more is the gathering. Again I do not want puffy skirt. So I cut the circular like this; Your waist + half of your waist. It means if your waist size is 28 + 14 =42". This is the opening you need to do from the very beginning. Or if you want to have a slight gathering; your waist (28") + 1/4 waist = 35" is your opening for waist. It's all up to you. If you do not want to have a gather you just need to add a few inches to join layer of skirts. BUT, please be very careful as you cut larger circle for the opening of your waist; the skirt will be shorter too! So you need to figure out and do the math yourself between THE LENGTH OF YOUR SKIRT and THE WAIST OPENING + GATHER OR NOT and also THE WIDTH of the tulle fabric.

Now let's talk about the "cut on the back  area" as below diagram. The cut is to insert the zipper but on lining only. I will show you how later.

3. Line up on top another all the 3 or 4 skirts with lining while you loosen up the stitch of your sewing machine and sew about 1" down from the edge of waist. Then pull the string so it will create gather and shorten the length of the waist to your waist size. Leave for the lining about 1" of each side to close and to attach zipper.

4. Prepare for elastic waist. Cut fabric the size of your waist let' say 28 + 4 by 10" to cover and attach hooks. 
With the cover of elastic facing down; sew around the waist then put the elastic just on the stitches facing up. Cover the elastic band and bring it down on the inside of the skirt on the waist line. Pin the whole waist line with elastic and cover fabric. This will help to keep the elastic in place when sewing it again around the waist line again.

Basically it will look like this (below)

5. Join and sew lining together and attach zipper. Tulle layers do not have to be sewn in together. (as picture below) Then attach hook in the back of elastic to fasten the waist band of the skirt.And last sew the hem of bottom of lining.

Good luck Everyone!
Happy sewing!

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