Friday, August 16, 2013

Favorite Friday


I can't believe it is Friday already. How time went by so fast! Do you feel that? Or is it just me.

Today I want to share with you my favorite Friday.

1. I think I am seriously into photography. Yesterday I took 2 hours private class to learn how to use my Nikon camera properly. Before I was only use the Manual or Auto mode. Now I can (I think I can) use the aperture, shutter speed and ISO a little. Since I just learned yesterday; it is quite overwhelming. It is a lot to take in in two hours private class. Emily, my teacher was so adorable. We laughed and giggled all the time since it was only her and myself in the classroom. All and all it was worth it and a good class to take. If you live around the area of Manhattan New York; this is a good place to learn more about photography real quick. {here}.

What I am dreaming about lately is this Tamron 18-270 mm. All you need is this one lens; it has everything instead of carrying different lenses. You can scroll down on the link below {here} and watch the video about this lens. I think I am going to wait a little while until I get used to use the aperture, shutter speed and ISO on the camera first before proceed on getting this lens.

2. I love dutch pancake. Dutch pancake is smaller than pancake we know. In Dutch it's called "Poffertjes". I love poffertjes so much and I think I am going to get this poffertjes pan at Amazon {here}. And in case you do not know what  poffertjes is; you can learn about it here.

3. Lately I enjoy painting with water color. My water color set is Sennelier and it is small. Although Sennelier is a good brand I need a new set since mine I own since I was in school. So I do need a new one badly. I heard that Holbein is very good brand for water color. If you interested in buying Holbein water color set; you can find it here.

4. Aaaaghhh....!!! Shoes!! You can never get enough of a pair of shoes right?. Especially these sexy pumps.
Yes, I am into pumps lately.  I think I can wear pumps to anywhere {with different height of heels of course!} The story is; a week a go was our anniversary. Steven told me that I should get a present for myself. In the past Steven bought presents for me but I never liked it. He ended up returning it. And I am not a person who expect an expensive gifts always. I prefer that he bought me a camera lens, a piece of furniture, enrolled me to a good class, etc. Something like that! I have been dreaming about owning a nice pumps. I know I want a Pigalle Christian Louboutin pumps {here} since a long time a go. It took me almost two weeks to get it since I gave myself a lot of thought that do I really want these shoes? I am not a person who need an expensive shoes like this. Since I know, well we all know that many nice shoes cost much less than these. Anyway, Steven said just go get them already! So we went to Saks in Manhattan. Now the shoes is brand new and waiting for the right occasion for me to wear them.

5. This illustration  caught my eye at Pinterest. Sad enough I lost the link before pinning it. So I do not know, who is the artist or from which site it came from. It is pretty and if you happened to know the site; please let me know? Thank you so much for that! Oh I found it just now; here!

That's all Folks!  These are my Favorite Friday. What are yours?


  1. Hi,love your Friday Favourites, the last image, the painting "Fill your cup" is by artist, Ashley Devrieze and is a print from her original watercolour. You can purchase at her etsy store

    I find a handy way of tracking down an original image is to download the image and then upload it to Google Image search and you can find all the sites that it shows on. I did this with this image and tracked it down to her Etsy store. Its really pretty no wonder you picked it out :)


    1. Hi Lee,
      Thank you so much for finding the artist and where the source is from. I know Etsy has great artists like this one. Definitely I am going to check her Etsy store. And thank you so much for your kind words.
      Oh, that is a great tip. I did not know that I can do that. I learned something of valuable today because of you. Thank you so much!

      Have a great week end.


  2. Love, love, love those black pumps!

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