Thursday, October 3, 2013

Black Bow Sandals and Black Bow Hair Clip {Tutorials}

Look how cute these bow showing on the pages of magazines are? These are from Lucky and Marie Claire magazines September 2013 edition. When flipping the pages and saw these, I can not help but to create one for myself.
To see a complete look; here.

Here is the tutorials.
What you need.
~ Fabrics of your choice. Mine is tafetta.
~ Fabric marker
~ Hair clip bought from Target
~ Sewing needle
~ Scissor
~ Ruler
~ Black thread
~ Sewing machine (not shown on picture)
~ Glue gun (not shown on picture)

1. Draw 2 rectangular (to fit your hair clip) on folded fabric.
2. Using sewing machine, sew the 3 parts of the both rectangular pieces
3. Cut on the outer edge of stitches to make two rectangular pieces
4. Using bamboo skewer push one end and turn inside out

1. Now you ended up with two rectangular pieces
2. Folded in the unstitch side and sew it in
3. Now you have two finished rectangular pieces
4. Using sewing needle and by hand sew a basting stitch in the middle, do not secure and PULL the string to create a gather.

1. Now you have two pieces of half finished bows.
2. Create and sew 1/4" wide of a long piece. Just like on the picture.
3. Put the two bows overlapping each other. One slightly higher than the one in the back. Tie it with the long piece sewn material.
4. Cut the extra long piece in the back.  Now you have pretty double bows.

1. Using glue gun, glue the bows in the center on the hair clip
2. Now you are done and you have created 'a bow hair clip!'


Before you start; make sure the bow is the right size for the shoes and on sits on the top of your feet. 

I am sorry I have not to taken pictures while doing this. But this is very easy to create. I am drawing step by step  diagrams for the bottom part of the bow and the top part is similar tutorial as above except you are only using one bow.

Fist, folded the material to create a rectangular shape to fit the horizontal length of the bow.

Then using a sewing machine, sew the two sides showing as white lines.
Then cut diagonally from bottom right corner to slightly up to top left. Then sew the edge as shown as white lines. Cut the extra triangular bottom part as you no longer need it. Repeat the whole process again so you will have two pieces of the exact same one.

Join them together as shown on below picture bye sew them straight and horizontally on the blue line.

Using glue gun, attach the bow to the bottom part you just created. Now you have one bow. Create another exact one for the other sandal.
Here are the 'before' and 'after' pictures.

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