Monday, August 25, 2014

Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am not much of a cookie baker. But when saw this recipe over at Pinterest (here) I was excited to try it out for the first time. And it came out just like the original cookies I got the recipe from. It is moist, soft and delicious.

If you love cookies; this chocolate chips cookies recipe is one recipe to keep. You won't be disappointed. It is easy and quick to make and you do not need an electric mixer to mix the batter.  If you follow and read the instruction carefully; you can go wrong and you will end up with a delicious moist soft cookies.

If you feel like having these cookies go over to my Pinterest cookies collection here and the chocolate chip cookies recipe,  here. 
Just to warn you that you need to read the whole lengthy instructions in order to get it right. It is not difficult once you read the whole explanation and instruction.

Happy baking Everyone!

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