Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Perfect French Toast

I do not know why but I eat french toast for breakfast a lot during winter. May be because the smell and taste of cinnamon warm your body and mind during cold winter morning. And with a cup of coffee or tea it is just perfect.

So what is the secret to a delicious french toast? I will answer this question later. But let me tell you a story about how the french toast I ate at a restaurant in Philadelphia inspired me to create my own french toast like on below pictures. Recently Steven and I took a day trip to visit a good friend of mine who lives there. And they brought us to a restaurant in down town Philadelphia to have  brunch. O boy! The french toast is to die for! So to answer the above question - the secret is the 'brown butter'. You see a dollop brownish color butter on top the french toast on the pictures? Yes, that's the one. So if you make your basic french toast which are made of egg, milk and yes bread (challah bread is even better) you must put a dollop of brown butter on the top. It will taste so much better.

The recipe is simple; butter at room temperature + cinnamon + light brown sugar. If you make this in a large quantity you might want to use a mixer  then store in in the refrigerator for future use. You can see my other good recipe for french toast (here).

So this morning I had this again and some oranges. Ahhh so good!

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  1. Ellya,
    all the sudden I smell cinamon, orange and toasted bread in my house! This is such a delicious post! Your pictures are wonderful! Thank you!
    All my best and a happy happy time

    1. Yess....cinnamon is very addictive and delicious. I can eat and smell cinnamon each moment of my life. Thank you so much for your sweetest comment. Have a beautiful evening!



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