Saturday, February 21, 2015

Casual Boho Look //Ripped Denim Shorts + A Make Over White Shirt//

I am not usually put a fashion post on my blog. Well, occasionally I do. Although in my heart I very much love fashion my taste in fashion somewhat changed after I hospitalized for 2 months almost 10 years a go this coming June 2015.  Since then my life took a turn on me. I was lucky to be alive. And I am very grateful for it. My number one priority now is to taking care of my health.

Eating healthy and to stay slim as I am getting older is very important to me. Beside taking care of myself, to keep busy and creative are as important. Only recently I feel confidence to be photographed like these again.

Hence my husband told me that I should blog about my DIY fashion since I love to re -create a  pair of blue jeans or a shirt I bought from a thrift stores.Or anything I create related to fashion. This has becoming a hobby.  And he told me that I should be honest about of who I am that I am not trying to be a young girl who look effortless pretty in anything. I am doing it because I need to celebrate and share of how I overcome a deadly disease and 10 years later I still look the same as if nothing had happened to me.

I must be honest that this takes a lot of work. I eat moderately and most of the time when at home I eat healthy food. I exercise at home everyday for the past 5 years. Since I can not do a hard exercise I am only doing a soft exercise. Except when I am traveling. I make sure that I get 8 to 9 hours  sleep everynight. And as mentioned earlier I feel the need to be creative; to create something or to challenge myself in doing something that makes happy somehow makes me healthier. I am a curious person so I always like to challenge myself to do something I never done before. My everyday life is pretty constant. It is almost the same everyday but it always been the happy one. Thanks to my husband Steven who is very kind and understand of who I am and what I need. I truly realize I am very lucky to have him as my husband.

What I like about this look is that very casual and  feminine.  In my mind it related to nature like the Gypsy people who practically lives out door most of the time. May be that is why it has the 'free' feel to it that associated with the saying  'free spirit'. To wear this look you can start with a stack of colorful beaded or strand of bracelets. Also similar style for the necklace. The current style to wear this look is to wear with denim short or jeans, or a white cotton mini shift dress. Wearing it with a floppy hat or a flower crown creates a modern edgy bohemian feminine look. I also love to wear this look to go on a vacation to an island or a beach. A white dress or a long dress are always soothing to wear in the tropical climate and by the beach. But it is much more fun to wear some colorful accessories too, like beaded bracelets or a flower crown. Now each time Steven and I go for a vacation to an exotic island or a beach I always look at my pinterest board just to get an inspiration on what to wear. (here and here).

So here I am wearing a ripped denim short and a make over white cotton shirt bought from Goodwill {tutorial below} and a colorful mix and match bracelets with my DIY beaded tassel bracelets and a DIY necklace, here. (I did not have a step by step on how to do these bracelets and necklace because I did not take any picture when created them.) To finish the look I added by wearing a crochet lace boot socks (tutorial below) under the vintage boots. The crochet trimming on the top part of the socks complete the bohemian look with a modern twist to it.


Cotton white shirt make over.

Goodwill is a good place to find a shirt if you are going to do a make over. The cost is only USD 3.99 each so if you made a mistake it wont be so bad. Get the one that 2 size larger than your size because to get the look you need a loose type of shirt then you can embellish it with a diy belt from the same material or you can make a dress from one large shirt. It is entirely up to you. Here I found the perfect shirt and it is an XL size while I am wearing medium and sometime Small. What I did was I cut the sleeves off along the stitching line. So it became a sleeveless summer white shirt. Then I cut the trimming at the end of both sleeves. I used it to tie the top part of the shoulder just to add a style of playful and youthful looking.

Crochet lace boot socks (DIY)

I am using a pants socks bought from Wallmart. They are USD 2.99 per pair. The crochet lace trimmings bought from Jo Ann fabrics. It is USd 3.99 per yard. You only need 1 yard. And get the widest width  you can get. Mine is 3" to 3-1/2" width

You need an elastic thread to sew this by hand. Start stitch a basting stitch attaching the trimming just an inch below the top of the socks. Remember the sock has to be stretched when wearing it so you have to gather the trimmings while stitching it.You can use your left thumb while stitching to move extra trimmings before stitching it each time. Other wise the socks will not pull  all the way up and stop around the ankle. Note; my boots just between the knee and ankle so these socks are perfect for it. Depend on the type of boots you then need to determine the type of size of socks you need for your boots. You can use any type of socks for this project.

~A straw hat from Nordstrom Rack~
~Ripped denim short from Goodwill~
~Hobo bag from TJ Maxx, old~
~Vintage western boots, old~


Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a nice week end Everyone? 

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