Tuesday, March 3, 2015

//Baby Matthew//

Baby Matthew was only 11 days when I photographed him.  And he is looking so adorable, don't you think!

I always enjoy photograph a newborn. I found photograph a newborn a little challenging. There are  many aspects required when photograph a newborn. The baby must be very comfortable in his or her new environment. And this comes with many requirements. If you start embarking on a journey of taking picture of a newborn, please arm yourself by searching the 'how tos' on the internet or youtube. There are tons of lessons over there. Taking picture of a newborn is not like taking picture of children, teenagers, seniors, couple or family. There are many rules and tricks you need to know. And props are as important. 

 This is the third time I photographed a newborn. Although I have little experiences and facing some challenges I am eager to learn more. And I am still looking for the perfect poses. All and all I am very happy with the session with baby Matthew.

Each session boost my confidence more and each session I learned a great lesson. So I am very hopeful the next newborn photo session will be the perfect one.

I am very happy with the baby outfit props all DIY by me. Tutorial, here.

Thank you so much for looking!


  1. Well these Images turned out splendidly... so Fresh from the Father, he is indeed precious and you captured his Essence beautifully! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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