Saturday, April 18, 2015

//Water Color Flower Sketch Part 1//

I have been loving painting using water color lately.

Today I wanted to share a flower water color sketch video with you.
These are only a sketch. It does not shows the detail or I have not gone to that stage yet.

As I mentioned in my blog in the past - I am in love with these tiny little petals of 'Stock' flowers. They are dying and drying right now so I am planning to buy some fresh one tomorrow.

If you are planning on to learn or a beginner water color painter - I suggest that keep practicing is the best lesson there is. Get your self a simple petal of flowers, put them in a vase (preferably a single stem) and put in front of you with a lot of natural light coming to your working desk.

Have a different shades of main colors ready in your water color wells so it is easy for you to paint. Start with the very light or base color then work on to the  darkest shades.

I am by any means not a great water color painter and I never had a teacher. I pretty much learn everything by myself. 

If you love what you see and feel like wanting to learn on how to use water color then start now. Get yourself a good space and a time. Find a quiet place, and listen to your favorite music. I always listen to Pandora for a spa music from my phone. This helps you to stay focus and believe me it is so much fun - very relaxing and soothing for your mind.

I will talk about materials next time. 

So let's take a look at the video and some pictures.


I painted these yesterday.

And today I continued on.

These are the Stock flowers I have in the living room. I took a stem and put it in a small vase and had them in front of me while painting.

These are the stock flowers I have in the living room. Aren't they pretty?

Thank you so much for looking!

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