Thursday, July 30, 2015

//Paris Trip Part Four - My Arts//

Months earlier when Steven mentioned about going to Paris to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, I was very excited and happy. Immediately I knew what projects I wanted to do while visiting Paris; do some photography (taking pictures) and do some water color art.

My head was spinning around with images of me paint in a cafe or brasserie and snapping interesting object in Paris.

I requested that we stayed in a Parisian hotel room rather than a high rise American hotel like the last time we stayed in Paris that we stayed at the Marriot somewhere near Luxembourg garden. My request to stay in a Parisian hotel because I love that window balcony with the decorative wrought iron railing. So we searched together on the internet and found one called The Regent's Garden Hotel (here) in Porte Malliot near Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees.

Upon arrival we were surprised by the size of our hotel room. It was very tiny. So Steven asked for an upgrade. We immediately got one. Although still was small but larger than the last one. After a few days staying in that room we both started to like the room. Everything was very clean and all staffs was very friendly and helpful. And the boutique hotel has  beautiful garden. That was a spot for me to paint and had breakfast almost every day.

During our 6 days visit I think I sat in that garden 3 days in a row. Each day while Steven was still sleeping because he was having a serious jet lag, I got up early so not to miss the buffet breakfast at 10:30 and paint after eating breakfast.

It was a sketch really, a quick sketch! I would plan and paint carefully had I gotten all the time. But we were there to explore and celebrate our anniversary plus there are so many sight seeings to visit. So I sketched quickly.

These were fruits available from the buffet breakfast provided by the hotel. I took them into the garden and after having breakfast I painted them.


Apricot and strawberry.....

The breakfast.........

The hotel garden....

The wrought iron window railing caught my eye. And  on the little sketch pad is a quick rendering of the hotel's window and door.

I bought these vintage letter and post card for 3 Euro at the Marche aux Puce.

Photography art with Peonies Steven bought me....

Remember I mentioned about I found a vintage curtain panel that turned into a skirt in my previous post? I found these two night gowns at the same time. I had totally forgotten about them. When found them I was so happy and brings back memories to the days when I was a student in New York City and used to purchase many vintage items in a flea market near my school. And these are one of them. So I packed them up hoping that I will photograph them.

Again, I asked Steven to take this picture while I stood in front of the window in our room. I love this picture very much because of the wrought iron window railing.

Here is another another picture of me wearing the other vintage night gown.

I took this picture and love it very much. But there is something odd about it. Can you tell? The table cloth has pocket. That is because I covered the original table cloth with a bath robe. That was the only thing I did not like about the room that the curtain and table cloth decorated with a dark thick brown motif fabric. But still it was a lovely little boutique hotel.

So this is pretty much sums up everything about the trip.

I do recommend this hotel because, 1. it is a lovely hotel. 2. it has a beautiful garden. 3. friendly and helpful staffs plus delicious buffet breakfast. 4. it is a perfect location and near a metro station. 5. near Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysses. 6. there are a delicious boulangerie right a cross from the hotel which we bought croissant from in the morning - a super market and a pharmacie just a few door steps from the hotel.


Thank you so much for reading. And until next time...


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