Monday, August 31, 2015

//An Afternoon at the Sands Point Preserve, Port Washington - NY/

Sands Point Preserve is a preserve surrounding the Guggenheim Estate located on the Long Island Sound(here). The mansion was once belongs to the Guggenheim family and it is now belongs to the city of of Port Washington where people can visit the house that is now a museum. The estate surrounds by ponds, woodland, walking trail, meadows, and a beach.

 The beach is not like a real beach by the ocean. It is an estuary a place where the salt water mixes with fresh water. This sound is between Eastern shore of New York City and Westchester County, Southern part of Connecticut. So the water is much more calm, not blue in color and shallow. Still it is nice to walk a long the small beach or playing and swimming in the water. The good thing about it is that not too many people know about this preserve. So on Sunday during summer not to many people are there.

So since we did not have anywhere or plan to go to this Sunday -  Steven and I decided to visit the Sands Point Preserve that we heard from a friend. 

We just sat by the beach and enjoyed the sun. Each time I go to the beach, I always like looking at the stones, shells that the waves washes to the shore. This time I was thrilled to have found a few sea glasses. And of course took a few pictures.

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