Monday, August 17, 2015

My Art Works Recap

I have been doing art since I was living in Jakarta, Indonesia almost 25 years a go.

At first I was using oil only.

Then after graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology New York in 2001 I started to explore with eacrylic and other mediums.

Right after graduation I worked for a textile company as a Print Artist and Design mainly using gouache. I enjoyed it very much but life took a different turn as I suddenly got ill and hospitalized for 2 months.

After recovery I continued working as Assistant Stylist for Victoria Secret Design although I enjoyed it a lot my husband told me that I do not have to work if I wanted to. So I stopped into thinking that I can work from home. It was 2006.

I was not  serious about working out of home although I started selling my diy vintage cake stand on Etsy. It was just fun for me. I love choosing, and searching for the right plate to create a cake stand set. But drilling a hole on a plate so  the metal rod could go through was not easy at all. Other reason was that it was getting harder and harder to get a pretty vintage plate as well. I sold quite a few then I stopped all together.

Painting a perfume came to me by accident. I remember I was in our home Florida and the thought of painting my bottle of perfume just came into mind. And that was how it all begins. It was a year a go.

Today I enjoy painting using water color a lot. There is something about water color that soothe me. Seeing the water color mixing in together and run to each other is the most enjoyable feeling like none other art medium could do. Although I enjoyed painting with acrylic a lot.

Each day is a new challenge to create one of a kind art. Although many people paint perfume, each of us are different with our own style.

So let's take a look of these arts that I have done so far. Let me warn you that this post is a little lengthy with a lot of images. But I think it worth checking out. And some of these images you might have seen on my last posts before.

You can find some of these images on my Etsy store, here.
Please check for more arts on my Instagram, here.

These Chanel perfume series of 8 that I painted for an order.

This was an order. And she wanted to put a ribbon around the neck of the perfume bottle and string of pearls in the bottom.

This was an order that she wanted me to paint her Cartier vintage perfume.

Flower series.

These two are a 6 flower series that I currently working on for a job order.


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