Wednesday, November 4, 2015

//Boys Will Be Boys//

I was very excited when these two little boys finally at my door step. 

Holding their mother's arm slowly they walked down to my studio in the basement. It was not long to take them to feel comfortable. They were running around - looking around curiously as boys supposed to be in a new environment. And it was not long for them to sit on the bench where I had covered with the fury rug for them to sit on.

The older boy was very easy to photograph. He obediently followed his mother's instructions. Unlike the brother, the younger brother were not cooperated very well. They came a long with the mother's sister. Kelli the mother's name told me that they listens well to her sister.

Each time the aunt try to make the younger brother to sit still, she would pull out a few M&M candy near the bench so that he would sit there next to the brother. To my surprise it works very well.

But there is a down side to the M&M candy because he had chocolate saliva around his mouth on some of the images which took me a long time to edit.

Over all the shoot was very easy and fun for me at the same time. 

I love taking picture of children for their innocent expression - even whey they made a funny face. I must say children is one of my favorite subject to photograph.

And I could not be happier with my DIY back drop (here). I am looking forward to many photo shoots in front of this back drop. And I am thinking to create another one especially for maternity photography.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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