Thursday, November 19, 2015

//Healthy Tea for Two//

We were in Orlando last week end attending a friend's son 3 days wedding venue. And just days before departed for  the trip I had a maternity session - since she is a repeat client,  I told her that I could send the edited images before I left for Florida. Little that I know I was under a panic attack because I had too many things to do and couldn't post the edited images to her on time. So thought that I could post it from Orlando the next day I arrived. And it was Friday.

So that Friday morning the hotel shuttle bus dropped me to the nearest post office.  And I was relieved that the package was on it's way to her in New Jersey.

I was not bother to call the hotel shuttle bus to pick me up, instead I decided to walk back to the hotel. To be honest - it is not a pleasant area to be walking around since there are not much to see in that small town called College Park but I decided to walk back anyway.

And that is when I saw the small restaurant called Infusion Tea. I was not that hungry but I walked in to check around thinking that I might want to come back the next day with my husband Steven. The waitress was very friendly to let me walked around the store and read the menu. I love what I was seeing; rows and rows of jars of loose tea  placed against the wall. And many small jars filled with loose tea sitting on the counter that each labelled with it's tea name. To me,  the whole scene is the prettiest. I can't wait to try some of the tea but said to my self,
 "not today - but will definitely come back tomorrow."

That night was the beginning of the wedding venue; the rehearsal dinner! During dinner I can't wait for morning to come so that I could come back to Infusion Tea restaurant.

The next day I dragged my husband to the restaurant for lunch. I knew he does not drink tea let a lone an organic vegetarian food. But he was kind enough to come with me.

With great excitement we ordered the combo - quiche with tea cucumber sand whiches for me and quiche with capresse sand which for Steven and both of us ordered Moroccan Mint ice tea.

I asked the head of the waitress if I could take a few pictures and she said yes. So while waiting for our lunch I took some pictures of the interior of the restaurant.

The Moroccan Mint ice tea was light, fresh, soothing  and delicious. The food that we ordered was incredibly tasty. Even Steven said it was good considered he usually do not like vegetarian food.

When we left the restaurant I kept on thinking that I wanted to come back the next morning to try other food and tea on the menu. But we did not have time left.

I was very tired from the 3 days wedding venue and lack of sleep. That's why I slept on the car on our way to our home in Delray Beach. I think I dreamt of entering a restaurant with rows of glass jars filled with loose tea sitting on a shelf against the wall.

If you happened to be in Orlando, Florida please check out this place. And if you like me who love 'tea' - I guarantee you will like this place (Infusion Tea), here.


Thank you so much for reading!

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