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Monday, December 28, 2015

//A Simple Christmas Decor //

I can't believe that it has been almost 2 years we have been living in this house.

There is not much change in the decoration in hour home.  But I did add a small decorative items here and there.

I did not wish  to have a Christmas tree in the house for Christmas this year. Our family is not a devoted Christian. Having a half Italian and half Jewish husband - and myself as a Moslim we celebrate Christmas just to follow Steven's mother side of tradition. We do celebrate Passover as Steven's father is Jewish himself. And me as a Moslim, we get to celebrate Ied as well. So we get to taste a little of everything in our house hold.

To have a Christmas feel in the house I only put a Christmas wreath placed on top of the mantel.  And on the mantel I put the small decorative Christmas trees  I created last year. That is the only Christmas decoration in the entire home.

The plan was to have Steven's mother come over for Christmas eve dinner. And it is Steven's mother side of the family whom are "Italian" that sea food is ideal to serve during Christmas eve.

Steven told me that I should not put too much of small decorative items as the room will look overly crowded. And I totally agreed with him about this.

I bought the two tole brass sconces on each side of the mirror from Ebay. And I love them very much. Ebay has so many beautiful stuff similar to these  that I can get carried a way buying  for the home. I think a good decorator is to know when to stop decorate. And I think I better stop now.

The wintry floral center piece on the dining table is part real winter greens mixed with white silk peonies. Last seen here.

I adore the Eiffel Tower decorative sculpture on the coffee table. We bought it the last time we visited Paris. If you ever came to Paris you will not miss seeing vendors selling this cute mini Eiffel Tower at most famous landmark in Paris. And you must get one or two for yourself or as  gifts to friends and families.

I can not get enough of roses. The more is the better. I love roses in every corner of each room in my house. They are the most prettiest flower to decorate that add an instant beauty to a room.

This velvet teal covered chair has not finished. I must admit that I have not gotten time to finish it. It need a trimming to cover the staples on the edge of the fabrics. But still it is pretty for the time being as it is.

The simple gift was created using decorative ribbon and embellished with spruce that grows in the back of our home. Playing with gift wrap, ribbon and winter plants gives a pretty hand made one of kind wrap as a gift to your love one. Do not afraid about the color, the more contrast they are in color - the prettier it became. I also like to create my own gift tag. I usually painted a leaves cut out using water color. It surely create a special feel to the person you are giving the gift to.

Again, the center piece of this table setting are winter greens growing in the back of our home. A long with the greens that embellished the napkins. I love the simplicity of this table setting. The cream color, green with a touch of red is very clean, simple and elegant.

The menu are,
First course; Mozzarella and Tomato salad with Sweet Balsamic Vinegraette.
Second course; Breaded Shrimp with Pasta and Italian Red Sauce.
Last course; Miso Ginger, Honey Salmon with Sauteed Baby Bokchoy

I love baking a cake but for a health reason Steven and I on a strict diet that I decided to buy a small chocolate cake. 

And last, I am the happiest person this Christmas to receive a gift of my dream; Nikon camera D610. And oh, 2 dozens of pink roses. I counted days for the past 3 months until December 24th to arrive to have the camera in my hand. And here it is - the big smile tells everything.

 Happy New Year Everyone?