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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy + Macarons + Ginger Tea

Hurricane Sandy is on it's way. I did buy some canned food, water, and other things in anticipating hurricane Sandy in case we will loose power. It said that it will hit our area Long Island, New York by Monday night. So today Monday morning is starting to rain and strong wind gust outside.

I am in the mood for a cup of Ginger Tea home made by me {here} and I still have macarons that I made a while a go {here}. I sat and relaxed while listening to my favorite artist Chris Botti and read some magazines.

This is a quick post, a moment in the act post ! I hope people of Long Island  like some of Steven's family whom are living on the Long Island shore will be safe.

Thank you for reading !

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fresh Healthy Soothing Ginger Tea

My father has been drinking this tea two cups a day for many years now. I noticed that my father gets lots of compliments of how young and healthy he looks. In the past I never interested in trying this tea. I do love ginger though ! My mother always jokes that whenever they go; for example when go to a family gathering for a few days she has to make this tea for my father. The joke was my mother said "I have been grated this ginger for your father wherever we go!" I do not mean that she has to do this when they are going overseas but she did bring the grater with her and fresh  ginger root when they go locally for a few days.

2 months a go they came to visit us here in New York for 3 weeks. I witnessed my mother grated the ginger every 4 days or so to make this delicious tea {later when they left I was curious to try it out} and I liked it !

Ginger is known for it's many properties to promote health  or to prevent illness in the far east especially China. More info here. Well, my parents got know this remedy from a youthful healthy 85 years old neighbor.

Here is the step by step.

Cut and peel ginger.

 Grated all the ginger pieces. I must admit it is a lot of work to grate the ginger. But if you take a good amount of fresh ginger and grate them all at once; it will last for 4 or 5 days.

 Put the grated ginger in a container so it can be used in the future.

 Take a good amount of water and boil it.  And take tea bag of your choice. I love black tea because it robusts and I just love the taste of it.

Take a cup put the tea bag, sugar {if you like} and spoonful of grated ginger and some boiling water in. Let it stay for a minute or two. 

When you get the strength of tea you like, take the tea bag out.You can put milk if you like.

Using a strainer, transfer the whole tea to another cup. When the strainer catches the ginger fiber use the back of spoon and press to  let the liquid drop in the tea.

This tea is so soothing and warm your throat. Sit back, relax and enjoy this ginger tea with biscuits. I am looking forward to have this tea during cold winter month. I will have this tea every day.

I would like to know if someone knows how to make this tea in an effective way; especially the grated part.

Thank you for reading !