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Friday, November 27, 2015

//Photography Gift Card - DIY//

I had a client that asked me if I sell gift card for photography session. I immediately like the idea that my client wanted me to sell her a gift card from  my own photography session.

I love creating graphic images using Photoshop software in the computer. Then I searched through google if there are templates for gift cards. To my surprise there are a lot of various gift cards templates from  google searched. 

From the original template I picked, usually I changed it a little. It can be the color or the font.

The small card with my photography business information on it attached to a larger card and says, "thank you for being an amazing teacher." The small card can be taken out and perfectly fit in a wallet to keep.

The envelope decorated with a small cord and embellished with a small decorative flower.  A small tag is attached where the student's name can be written whom the card is from. 

I created all of these pieces my own including the envelope.

Here, my client wanted to give a gift card for a maternity or newborn session to her little girl's teacher. 

So here is the gift card I created for her.

Have a great week end Everyone?