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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Afternoon Tea

Yesterday I was looking for a cherry blossoms flowers in my area  but I could not find any. So instead I found these little flowers called 'Wax Flowers' written on the label. These flowers has woodsy aroma with a hint of bouquet perfume.

I love how it looks when gathered them together and just throw them in a big vase. I like the casual arrangement look as if they were picked from your own backyard. The small flowers looks so delicate and pretty. It got it's name  from the fact that the petals has a waxy feel to it. {More about it here}

Today is Saturday and is a beautiful day; the weather is starting to get a little warmer. I just did a spring cleaning in our rooms. Things got out of hand sometimes and need to be discarded. After that I made myself a cup of tea and the thought of taking pictures of the flowers came into mind, so I did that.

Here are the pretty 'Wax Flowers.'

I bought way too many  of these flowers so you may see them in my next posts as right now every corner of my house decorated with these little flowers.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a lovely week-end Everyone!

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