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Monday, February 15, 2016

//How to Start to Paint Fresh Flowers in Water Color - Part 3//

Actually there is no rules in painting flowers in water color but "practice."

If  I have to be honest and come up with one rule is that try to copy the shape and color of the flowers as close as possible. It is actually does not matter if it is not exactly like the real flowers. I love it very much when it is a little off but still showing a suggestion that it is a "rose", "hibiscus" or "sun flower".  Most of the time I never copy it exactly the same. And after so many practices - you will ended up with your own style.

When walking around places find and pick a small brunch of leaves with flowers. Since most places is not allow to pick flowers - you have to extra careful when going around and try to pick flowers from public areas. It is okay to ask people if you can pick one little brunch of leaves with it's flowers. Mostly people do not mind as it is just wild flowers and will not show the difference to the whole plants if you pick one stem.

Or you can also pick a stem of leaves and practice with leaves first. And just having fun.

Okay we have been visiting our home in Delray Beach Florida for 10 days tomorrow. And tomorrow we are leaving back to cold New York City.

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I have been practicing and studying by painting small flowers using water color while here in Delray Beach, Flo. Here are the results.

You start to paint any where in the paper. At this point it does not matter because you are practicing. Whenever there are more space left - you can use that space to paint other leaves or flower.

It is important and if possible to paint during the day with a lot of natural light source near your station.

I painted this flower at night and today I see that the color is not right in picture. The color of the flower is blue in hue. And the art is a little red, hence a slight purple.

Put all the flowers in a small vase in water and whenever you want to paint just pick it up and hold and paint it while looking at  the flower in your hand.

Happy painting Everyone??

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sun Flower Water Color & Video (Revised)

As you all know by now; I really enjoy painting with water color.
My last Sun Flower water color painting video was not a good quality at all. I did not test it prior shooting the video. When I finally down loaded into the computer I saw what the problem was. It was too much light.

For the past few days I thought about it a lot. And I decided that I was going to paint and shoot all over again. Which I did this afternoon.

Please come and see how I paint the Sun Flower this time. {here}.

I also took a few pictures right after shooting the video.

Hope you are having a fantastic summer so far.
Thank you for reading!

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