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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Vintage Blue & White Cake Stand

Perhaps we are all familiar with these white and blue china and pottery that we have seen them in a beautiful interior magazine or in a museum. 

White and Blue ceramic was first produced in the Middle East during 9th century. Then China fully adapted the white and blue ceramic for many centuries during their Dinasties reign. More stories (here). Then during the 17th century European ceramic porcelain factory started to adapted this color and pattern called Chinoiserie. Meissen in Germany, Delft in Holland and England starting to copy this chinoiserie pattern and color.

Blue and white china and pottery are often and still produce and being displayed in a modern home interior and decor today. It is a classic ancient object, copy repeatedly that truly makes a today's interior beautiful and elegant.

Inspired by the collection from pinning boards I collected in Pinterest called 'Blue & White Love' (here),  I was intrigued to create a vintage white and blue cake stand.  I have drilled many vintage plates  to create one of a kind cake stand for sale in my Etsy store before. But never I imagined that these blue and white porcelain china was very hard to drill. I was determined to kept on drilling and extra careful so they will not break. I can only imagine the beauty of it when they stacked together as a cake stand kept me going on drilling. Literally when finished the palm of my right hand between the thumb and index finger were sore and red from holding the drilling machine too long.

Never the less I am so happy that I did not break any of them despite it seems forever just to drill a small hole to the other side of the plate.

Take a look at this cake stand. Don't you think it is beautiful ?

Source : Top left; Curiositaellya, top right; pinterest, bottom left; inspiracionline, bottom right; eucalypthomewares

Available at my Etsy store {here}

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Source; pinterest

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Do you collect these lovely blue and white table ware china or pottery for display in your home? I do !

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