Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lemon and Orange Macaron

The making of macarons continues. This time it's 'lemon and orange' flavoring.

For the recipe; please look at my previous page of basic macaron here. I just add lemon food flavoring and yellow food color about 3 drops. You might want to put more food color because I think they need more yellow and orange color. I put a view drops of lemon food flavoring and orange blossom food flavoring.

I might say though that I did not very happy with the butter cream filling because it is too sweet and after filling in the macaron the butter cream is melting and dripping on the side of the macarons. So what I did was I added a cream cheese of the amount to your liking. Just mix them well and refrigerate for about an hour before you put in the filling in the macarons. The cream cheese helps the butter cream filling stays nicely inside the macarons and I think it is taste better as well.

Here is the recipe for the Cream Cheese Butter Cream Filling

- 2 large egg yolks
- 3/4 cup granulated sugar
- 3-1/2 tbsp milk
- 10 tbsp unsalted butter in room temperature
- a few drops of vanilla essence
- 6 oz. low fat cream cheese

1. Beat the eggs and sugar using hand mixer until well mixed and pale in color.
2. Transfer to a pan in a low heat then add milk
3. Keep stirring until thicken like custard; then put vanilla essence
4. Remove from heat and keep stirring until custard become thick and cold in temperature
5. Meanwhile beat the butter until it looks like mayonaise then put butter in custard; keep stirring until mixed well.
6. Then put the cream cheese and mix well.

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