Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saturday Afternoon at The Green Market, Manhattan, New York

Walking around Green Market in Manhattan New York is such a treat especially if you are a food lover or loves cooking. 

The color of vegetables and fruit is definitely there within the hue of a rainbow. I love color and I love looking at colorful fresh shiny vegetables and fruits. So I was in vegetable heaven for about an hour. I lost counting of how many kind of tomatoes there were. From the size of a grape fruit down to the size of a marble. The flowers were beautiful and bright in colors. Definitely added a special touch amongst the fruits, vegetables to the vendor stand. 

There were cheese, wine, bread and jams artisans. I wish I had another pair of hand to help me carrying goodies that I intended to buy though I managed buying a bouquet of beautiful purplish flower that name I don't know and 6 Italian Plums that I immediately put in my bag. Already each time I want to take picture of the excitements with in the market; I must carefully put down the flowers on the ground so they do not get damage or step on by people walking by.

Finally my stomach is calling for lunch. I knew there is a famous noodle restaurant called 'Republic' back in the days when I was living in Manhattan about 10 years a go. I was not sure if the restaurant is still there but as I walked in the right direction as I remember it would be; there is Republic and is still there ! I ordered a Pad Thai and Cold Hibiscus Tea.

After indulging lunch I went back to the market across the street and took a few shots and decided time to go home.

Can you tell what flowers are those that sits on the chair ? I know, I should have asked the seller but I did not. Next time I definitely know what to ask when taking pictures so that I can curate them better when post it in a blog. Please do tell if you know what flowers they are.

I love Manhattan and as I sat in the train I was thinking that I must spending more time in the city of Manhattan to explore other exciting places like this one. 
This is is definitely a fun place to spend on an afternoon week end and just strolling around try to capture a moment of the most exciting city in the world with your camera.

Thank you for reading !

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