Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vintage French Style Rotary Telephone

My son 'Buck' bought a few things at the flea market Fort Greene Flea and Williamsburg Flea Brooklyn New York the last time he came visited us {last seen here}.One of the most interesting item he bought is a vintage French style Rotary telephone in vintage aqua blue color. He bought many other vintage items and he could not carry them all back with him.

So he left them {including the telephone} with me and that I should ship them over to him in  Jakarta, Indonesia. So now the telephone is on a display in our living room.

The more I looked at it; the more I like it ! Especially when I saw and pinned through Pinterest a DIY art scarf as a wall decor with a table underneath it and with similar telephone decorated the table. I thought it is so pretty ! There is something quite elegance about this telephone. So I searched more on Ebay and {sorry Buck, you are not going to like this !} for similar telephone plus shipping cost is about USD 40.00

And the ones I pinned from Pinterest.
 Source: Pinterest

Well, this one is a little different but still is pretty !
 Source: Pinterest

I was on the radar on Ebay for this  one a few days a go ! But I forget to bid on  it and last I checked it was sold to another bidder for USD 40.00 included shipping. Ouch ...!

Sold on Ebay

More on this type of telephone which I am going to get very soon ! {Oohh..why it is so difficult to sell  our condo. I am in the 'home decor dream land' right now !}
Available on Ebay

Thought I share this lovely vintage Princess French style Rotary telephone in case you want to add an elegant unusual piece to your lovely home ! I would !

Thank you for looking !

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