Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Usual Fun Trip Back in Delray Florida

Having a second home is a privilege I must say; even though it is a small condo. Not to mention when it is dead cold winter in New York; we are so looking forward to our trip in Florida to enjoy the sun, sports, beach  and friends. I am especially exciting about this area because I can do lots of thrifting.  So I always look for a project to execute in Florida way before our departure. It is so much fun, you know what I mean !

This time is quite special trip because I unexpectedly met up with an old friend from New York whom recently open up a vintage clothing consignment store. Oh boy...did we have so much fun together at her store {will post story about this later}.

This swan {we call her "Swanee"} was in front of our back porch door all the time. I was having breakfast and a cup of coffee when taking this picture and enjoyed watching her.

I am not a golfer but gave it a try and this time I managed to hit the ball over the lake.  I confess that quite often I am so impatient with this sport that made me even more frustrated.
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  1. Your condo looks very beautiful and has a nice coastal feel. We go to Rockport, Texas, every summer and there are always many people from the northern USA or Canada to go there. You need a break from a cold winter!

    1. Thank you !

      I believe that you are now living in Jakarta, Indonesia. "Apa kabar ?" I am an Indonesian myself and have been living here in New York for the past 15 years or so. I was there last February. Yes..., it is very cold in New York during winter and we love to have a small place just to get away from the cold weather. Talk soon !

  2. I love this post. Looks like you have so much fun there :)

    1. Yes, indeed we always have a wonderful time over there. Lots of friends and the food are so delicious....!!
      Thank you !


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