Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pretty Vintage Tinted Blue Bottles + Gold Motifs (DIY)

We seem to can never get enough with these tinted jars. I too did an experiment  tinting a few vintage small bottles I happened to have and bought at a flea market  from my medical trip in New Hampshire (last seen here) few months a go.

I found the easiest tutorial from It's Overflowing by only using three ingredients. But I fell in love with the tinted bottles painted with intricate and delicate gold motifs on the outer side of the bottles. So I painted the motifs hands free on the two bottles only.

Since this is my first trial; I tried on a few small bottles. They  came out with different results. I noticed it would be best to try on a small clean dry on the inside of bottles/jars. Mine were dirty and I did not clean them first. So it made lots of 'streaks' {the drip of liquid that does not cover evenly} Still I think they are quite lovely !

What you need for all of these 5 small bottles;
* 3 tbsp of water
* 1/2 cup of Modge Podge
* A drop or two of you favorite food coloring mine is Gel Spectrum {Aqua, Sky Blue and Royal Blue} I was experimenting with different blue green colors. So for the first bottle I used Aqua color, then I added 2 or 3 drops Sky Blue then I poured on the second bottle. Next I added Royal Blue then poured in to the 3rd bottle and so on.

1. Microwave water for 30 second. 2. Add Modge Podge. 3. Add the food coloring. First I used Aqua. Mix real well. 3. Pour in to the bottles and cover the whole jar and turn the jar upside down and let it stand on the alumunium foil for about 5 minutes. 4. Next bake the bottle in the oven with 170 deg. C for about 20 minutes. 

 There is complete tutorial also here at It's Overflowing

How to paint motifs on the bottle.
I am using Martha Stewart Glass Paint Metalic. I am so used to paint with brush so I used small artist brush painting these motifs first then I realized that the bottle has a very narrow tip that you suppose to paint from the tip directly. That is why my motifs are not perfect. And no wonder when using brush the paint did not stay very well but when used directly from the bottle it is more subtle and opaque in color and the line more prominent. I will do more of this painting with different tinting color bottles.

My tips when painting this motifs on glass bottle are;
1. Clean the surface of the bottle very well. Used alcohol and let it dry especially vintage bottles. Vintage bottle has lots of debris stuck on the surface of bottles and on the inside as well.
2. Hold the bottle firmly and horizontally so the paint wont drip
3. When create a pattern try to combine lines, curve and do not fill the entire surface of bottles. Leave a space that are free from motifs.
Well, it is entirely up to you ! Just have fun ! You can clean off the paint if you make mistakes and start all over again.

I really love these blue green bottles ! They are fun and pretty either just for a display or as center piece for dinner party. I will definitely make more of these tinted color bottles and paint them extra careful this time !

Good luck Everyone & Thank you for stopping by !


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