Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rustic Apple Tart {Revised}

The reason I am doing this post is because when I made the Rustic Apple Tart {here} yesterday I made way too much apple mix. And it is enough to make another tart. Since I ate half of the first apple tart; last night I tempted to make another one. But this time I did not put 'egg yolk'. I did not know why; just my gut instinct because I made pie crust before and I did not use egg yolk and was successful. I also put nutmeg powder in the apple mix. Oh boy, it tastes better. And the pie crust is flaky, soft and so yummy. I guess the egg yolk bind the dough tightly that makes it a little hard in texture. 

And of course I could not resist on taking pictures.

This time I cut the side of each apple pieces to fit the rectangular pan forming 2 rows side by side. It is prettier this way. You see, practice makes perfect !

The original recipe said by putting egg yolk makes the dough handle easily but this time without egg yolk still handle quite easily and slide right off of the pan easy as well.

Rustic Apple Tart
but without 'egg yolk" for the dough
add 1 tsp of nutmeg powder in the apple mix


By far this is the tastier Apple Tart than the first one I made. Tonight my parents in-law are taking me for dinner. I think I would love them to come to my house for them to taste my Rustic Apple Tart after dinner and I better go out and get vanilla ice cream. I know my father in-law loves ice cream.

Thank you for reading !

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