Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Sweet Short Post From Overseas {Australia}

My long time friend 'Ine' lives in 3 continents; Asia, Australia and Europe. At the moment she is in Perth, Australia. I envy her life moving and living in each continent every couple of months or so. We communicate through Facebook and few days a go she posted these pictures {the one with  Lemon Tart and a cup of tea}. Ine is one of my blog followers. When saw these pictures in Facebook, I asked her if she would not mind for me to post these pictures in my blog. And I asked her if she could provide me with her lemon tree pictures that grows in her home garden in Perth, Australia. She agreed and later I received this lemon picture.

Like myself, Ine is a vintage china lover. The last time I saw Ine she came to New York accompanied her husband travelling  for business. She took the opportunity to visit me {here}. 

I can not help myself but to share some of Ine's vintage china collection and how it seems that she enjoyed the Lazy Ellya's Lemon Tart that she got the recipe from my blog {here}. She said she was trying to take the tart out of the store bought tin pie but it broke. I would not know the difference anyway ! Good job Ine !

Here are those pictures ! These pictures were taken by Ine. I then processed them in Photoshop to create a collage as seen here.

I do hope you enjoy this short post !
Thank you Ine, once more time, your vintage cups are beautiful !

Thank you for reading and have a lovely week-end !

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