Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Macarons in a Gold Leaf Rim Wine Goblets {DIY}

I have not been making macaron in a while so I was facing troubles in making these macarons. After 5 times trying and wasted 10 eggs and failed I finally was able to make these Christmas pretty little macarons. I could not believe that I used to make these macarons with my eyes closed {well not really} but just like 1, 2, 3 and voila....out of the oven my pretty macarons. Not this time ! I guess baking macaron is not like baking chocolate cookies. You have to keep on practicing, once you stopped making it; it will be like start to learn on 'how to bake macarons' all over again. Well, at least that's what was happening to me.

I have been shopping at Goodwill in Delray, Florida for these pretty little wine goblets. I particularly looked for the ones that has a nice looking stem; kind a vintage and rare. They were only 1 or 2 similar one on the rack. But I did not care if they were all different because I like them when they are all not the same. I hand carried these wine goblets in the airplane to our home in New York. And I thought I could make some thing pretty out of these pretty dainty wine goblets.

Well guess what ! I gold leaf them ! And thought it would be pretty to put Christmas macarons red and green in them. An inspiration for Christmas food decor.

These are how they look like after gold leaving them. They were just regular plain wine goblet before. {I forget to take pictures to see the before and after}

The step by step.
What you need ;
~ An area or table cover with newspaper or table cloth to protect the furniture.
~ Gold leaf adhesive size "Monaliza" brand.
~ A pack of gold leaf "Art Minds" available at any art store.
~ Brush 1 inch size
~ Small brush to apply the gold leaf adhesive size
~ Tweezer 
~ A glass dish, wine goblet, or anything you want to gold leaf on. {here I have a glass dish that I want to put dot patterns on the top part of the bowl.}

First clean and dry the outer surface of your {let's say} glass bowl. Shake the adhesive size bottle before using it. Then dip the tip of the small brush in to the adhesive size, with the glass dish in your left hand start painting a motif. The adhesive size will look white like thin  milk but it dries very quickly (about 5 to 10 minutes) and because the surface of the glass is clear you will not see the applied size motifs but when the milky adhesive start to disappear and became clear and sticky then put the gold leaf on the painted area. {see below picture} tap it with your finger so that the gold leaf will cover all area that you painted on with adhesive size before. The gold leaf will stick to the adhesive size motifs. When you cover the whole area of adhesive with gold leaf then take your big brush and brush the whole surface in circular motion. The part that does not have adhesive size will comes off like a gold dust. Be sure to brush all motifs so that you will get a nice gold leaf motifs. That's all there is to it !

I have applied adhesive size of dot motifs on this dish below {but you can not see it because it has dried and clear looking}

I applied the gold leaf on the painted area and tap it with a finger. I can only suggest that you work per section until you finished with the whole edge rim of the dish. It is easier that way.

Then brush it off in a circular motion. Do you see the small particle of gold leaf falls off? Those are the part that does not stick on the adhesive. The part that stick to the adhesive size will create a pattern just like you did with the painted adhesive size.

I am finished gold leaving this dish.

I love how these wine goblets and the dish looks like now !
So what is your Christmas decor DIY this year ?

Thank you for stopping by !

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