Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Butterfly Paintings Series

These are my Butterfly paintings series I mentioned in my last post {here}. 

One of my new year resolutions is that I will be painting more often among many others like; 1. getting more fit and going to the gym regularly 2. eating more healthy diet. I have not had any specific task for this blog just yet but definitely I need to work on getting more followers. I need to be more serious and set a goal about this and plan on what I need to work on systematically.  I am happy about this blog so far. In the end what most important is that I truly enjoy doing it. Beside the endless positive outlook I receive from creating and posting this blog; I will continue perfecting it to get where I want it to be. One baby step at a time.

Oh yes! 'The Butterfly paintings!"


I think I put too many butterflies images here but I really like them. Can't decide which one to put on this post. They are about 47 beautiful pictures. Don't worry!  Only two more to go.

I can't wait to put those painting materials out and paint more butterfly like these.

I shall see you next year and 'HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 BEST OF LUCK!' And thank you so much for your continous support and for following this beautiful journey of mine.!

Thank you for reading !

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