Thursday, March 7, 2013

Monogrammed Throw Pillow {DIY}

I love monogrammed throw pillow decorates and sits among other throw pillows on  a bed. A while a go I came a cross  Martha Stewart DIY monogrammed throw pillow by only using a 'decorative cord.'  

I am in the middle of decorating our master bedroom in our small condo in Delray, Florida. Although it is finally have done,  it took a while for me to get where I am now because I wanted to have the right material for curtains and decorative pillows. And I want to sew the curtains and throw pillows myself. The problem is my sewing machine is in New York so since I bought most of the fabrics here in Delray so I  brought them over to New York to be sewn and once again brought back to Delray, Florida once it has done.  Yes, the fabrics and now has becoming curtains and throw pillow cases travelled back and forth with us!

Before I reveal the master bedroom make over; let's talk about this cute DIY monogrammed throw pillow.

I found a small rectangular decorative pillow at Home Goods a few months a go. Immediately I was thinking to do the monogram on it. 

So here is the tutorial.

This pillow cost only USD 12.00 at Home Goods

This decorative cord is available at Jo Ann Fabrics

I printed the lettering I decided to use for the monogram from the computer. I have many styles of lettering down loaded there so I printed it out and used it as a guide. Then I took the cord and just followed a long the design and pinned it to the pillow before gluing them. I used a fabric glue. Once I have the lettering designed pinned down to the pillow then I started  gluing by lifting up one pin at a time and start gluing at one end all the way to the other.

Here is the finished monogrammed pillow and I will reveal the final placement of the pillow on my next blog post. These initials stands for Ellya & Steven. I think they are quite cute and perfect to decorate our bed. Complete master bedroom tour {here}.

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