Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thrifted Table Lamp Makeover {DIY}

This is my first attempt doing a table lamp makeover. At first I was not sure to do this at all. I was little intimidated since I had no idea what I was going to do. But I found these two table lamp at a thrift store near our home in Florida. One was USD 8.00 and the other one was USD 11.00. I thought even if I made a huge mistake I would not be very disappointed since they were quite cheap. I did not want to put colors on them so  I painted them all white. Then I put a  little bit of gold randomly on the 'raised motifs' of the base.

Here are the finished two table lamps.

And here are the original look of the two table lamps when bought them. The one on the left was looking very ugly and the lamp shade was a little worn out and discolored. But I thought it has a potential to be a better looking table lamp. So I bought it. Later I changed the shade that I found at thrift store as well.

First I gave them a coat of primer then I sprayed them with flat white.

The one on the left I hand painted with gold. I used Martha Stewart acrylic metal paint. The one on the right I used gold leaves. Do you see that the gold leaves has more bright gold color? 

I think the new shade is a little too large. But I am going to leave it as it is right now. Maybe some day in the future when I see the right size then I am going to change it.

~ Marta Stewart acrylic metal paint in gold is available at Michaels
~ Gold leave and gold leave seize are available at Michaels or at any art store
~ Rust-Oleum primer and flat white are available at Home Depot


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