Friday, April 26, 2013

How to make Beaded Push Pins/Pin Board - Inspired by Anthropologie {DIY}

What you need;
~ Cotton fabrics. The thin one is better. Mine are fabric quilts bought at Jo Ann Fabrics.
~ Sewing needle and thread
~ Scissor
~ Various color of seed beads
~ Various sizes of flat buttons
~ Thumbtacks
~ Loctite glue

{more pictures of the actual board with it's beaded push pins; here}

1. Cut a square shape of fabric larger than the button.
2. Cut fabrics on the four angles and cut it into a circular shape.
3. Fold approx. 2/8" and do the basting stitches around it. End where you started.
4. Put button in the middle and slowly pull the thread to create  scrunch wrap around the button. 
(Continued below)

5. Do not cut the thread.
6. Insert three beads and sewn in to secure. 
7. Repeat process no. 6 until beads sewn in all around.
(Note; you can sew some beads in the middle as well if you want.)
8. To get variety of push pins repeat the entire process with different pattern and different color of beads. After all, you need many push pins for your board.

Do you see how pretty they are with different color of fabrics, beads and sizes?

Last, take the beaded piece and squirt a generous amount of Loctite glue on the back and put one thumbtack on the glue and in the middle. It will dry fast for about 3 minutes.

I love how these 'home made beaded push pins' inspired by Anthropologie looks. They are pretty on the inspiration board too! {here}


Have a nice week-end Everyone!

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