Monday, April 29, 2013

How to Make Mother's Day Chalk Board Card {DIY}

What you need;
~ A piece of fabric; paper or trimming or ribbon
~ One color of embroidery skein.
~ Embroidery sewing needle with an eye large enough for embroidery threads to pass through.
~  Fabric Glue {Fabri-Tac}
~ Craft black acrylic paint.
~ Brush.
~ Smallest embroidery hoop.
~ Strathmore {or other brand} Water color paper. Available at Michaels or any art store.
~ A piece of muslin fabric. 
~ Pencil marking for fabric.
~ Non sanded grout. (picture is not here!) Non sanded grout is a powder like and can be purchased at Home Depot. It comes in a small plastic jar and cost about USD 5.00. Do not buy the big bag of this; it is way too much for this project unless you are using if for your home. The smallest size is the one that cost about USD 5.00. (Still it is way too much for this project but I have no choice)
~ Chalks.
(note; I saw a chalk board spray paint at Michaels. I never tried this so I can't say much about this.)

How to make the 'heart embellishment.'
1. Using pencil marking, draw a small heart  1-3/4" x 2-1/4" in  size.
Start stitch french knot all the way on top of the  line first. To learn on how to do the french knot stitch; please check it out here.
2. Then stitch all of the inside as well. When finished and with pink color embroidery threads stitch a back stitch or basting on the outer heart shape. 
3. Cut the fabric giving a 1/4" from the edge of the heart shape.
4. Cut 1/4" embellishment paper or fabric (preferably with patters) of your choice.

How to prepare the background {card}
1. In a small plastic cup; using a brush mix 2 or 3 tablespoon black acrylic paint and 1/2 teaspoon non sanded grout. {I looked for the smallest jar of the non sanded grout in Home Depot but they did not have any. I told her that I only need the smallest size because I only need 2 or 4 tablespoon the most for my project. She was kind enough to open a big bag of non sanded grout and pour some on a plastic wrap for me for free as shown on below image.}
2. Brush the entire paper and let it dry for about 15 minutes.  To speed up the drying process you can put it in the oven for the lowest temp. Then cut to the size you want. Mine is 12 width and 7 height. You want to fold it in the middle. So it will becoming a  6" x 7" size card. I drew a dot line in the middle where the card to be folded; you can paint only the front side only and not the back side. It is up to you.
3. Take a chalk and rub the side of the chalk lightly and randomly onto the surface of the card on the front side. Then wipe it off with soft cotton cloth. This is to give a used chalk board look. Tie a ribbon on the folded part of the card.

 Glue the embroidered heart onto the paper heart or onto the fabric heart. Then glue it onto the card. Using chalk; write any words wishes you like to put on the card. Voila, you are done!

Another example on how to embellish the card. You can use what ever material and any shape of object you want. If any of you knows on how to seal the chalk in place so it is not easily rubbed off; please let me know. I tried hair spray but it did not work.

More images of this card {here}.
All materials are available at Michaels or Jo Ann Fabrics.


Good luck Everyone! And have a nice Monday!

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