Sunday, July 21, 2013

DIY Cilindrical 'Pin Cushion' Container Tutorial

What you need:

1. For the side of the cylindrical box.
Determine the height and the radius of your cylindrical box. 
2.Using removable poster tape join the edge together and cover with brown paper.
3. Trace the circle on one end of the body of box
4. Cut about 2/16 inches outside of the tracing. Apply glue on the tracing and on the bottom of one end of box. Join them and hold them down together until they stick.

1. The bottom is now stick to the cylindrical body of box.
2. Trim the excess bottom part of box. 
3. Cut 1-1/4" of stripe brown paper long enough to cover the joining between the body and bottom part of box.
 4. Tape the poster removable tape on the both side (top and bottom) leave out about 2/16" in the middle.

1. Using a scissor cut zig zag shapes on both sides
2. Strip cover of tape on one end and glue it to the side of cylindrical. Line the 2/16" paper (the part without removable tape) to the edge bottom.
3. Remove the top part of zig zag strip and push it down to the circle bottom of cylindrical box.
4. To make the cover (top part of the box); determine the height of cover (has to be shorter than the body of box) and using your hand wrap around the body of box but leave about 2/16" bigger so it can slide down and close the box.

1. Repeat the whole process again for the top or cover box. But the top has to be shorter than the body in height.
2. Now you have a complete cylindrical box with cover
3. Take fabric of your choice and cut to the size of the side body of box. Giving 3/4 inches for top and bottom.
4. Put the fabric in a packaging box and spray with glue.
Wrap the side of box and cut zig zag shape on both excess of fabric. And fold the excess zig zag edge to the bottom and inside the top of box.

1. Trace fabric for the bottom part of box. Cut circular tracing fabric and leave 1/4" extra.
2. Inside packaging box spray circular fabric with spray glue
3. Glue it to the bottom part of box and cut off extra fabric.
Note: you can do the bottom part first then do the fabric wrap on the side of the cylindrical box. To get a clean edge.

1. Cover for the top part of cylindrical box
Take a good size of fabric and cut into square shape.
2 & 3. Take a good amount of Poly Fill for the cushion and place it on the top of cover box
4. Put the fabric on the top of Poly Fill

1. Using glue gun; glue one corner of fabric to the side the top box
2. Pulling and gluing the opposite corner of fabric to the top side cover box
Do it with all corners of fabric and glue it to the side top of cover box.
3. Cover the side of the top box with fabric of your choice
4. Then using glue gun; decorate the side of top box with trimmings.

This cylindrical container pin cushion is very easy and fun to create. You can use different fabrics with different trimmings and embellishments. Pretty to use for your own and as a gift.

Good luck Everyone!


  1. These are so sweet Thankyou so much for the tutorial xxx

  2. This is so darling!I love pincushions! Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial! Would love to have you visit me sometime.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

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