Friday, July 18, 2014

Rustic Coffee Table

Just wanted  to update that the rustic coffee table arrived yesterday.

I could not be more happier with this coffee table. I have been imagining this kind of coffee table even before we moved into this new home. I searched high and low for this coffee table and I found it through online (here).
This home is starting to look like a real home, although it has not finished a 100%.  It is a little bit overwhelming for both of us since this home is almost 4 times larger than our previous home. We changed everything in side the house. The only thing we did not change is the structure. So it took us almost 6 months to do it and still there are things need to be done.

Anyways, let's see the coffee table!

  I am very excited for the new chairs bought through Ebay a long time a go. Last seen, here.  The chairs are so old that when pulled out the nails, the cover and the lining material; they were crumbled like a powder. And it was a lot of dust. I can't believe that I finished demolished the cover out of the wooden frame. Tomorrow I am going to take the chairs to be repaired. It needs to be tightened, then I am going to paint it the frame then I am thinking to do the  reupholster myself. They are going to be put where those two chairs are.

I found this picture from the old archive, a picture of the new home when we just bought it. It was still a lot of snow outside. It was last February. As you can see the old home has a beautiful white marble floor but my husband 'Steven' did not like it so we put a hard wood floor on top of it. We have not put the mantel on as you can see from picture on the right. And I am looking for ideas on Pinterest on how to decorate a mantel. Should I put a large mirror, a sun burst mirror or a painting. I have not decided yet. I am waiting for the mantel to be installed first.

I really love the rustic coffee table. In the beginning I wanted a rustic dining table just like the coffee table's surface. But it is way over our budget so we found this one within our budget and we love our dining table now. So what do you think about the rustic coffee table?  I know it is not everyone's favorite coffee table. As for me, I love mixing rustic and luxury like mixing it with a golden picture frame mirror and it sits on top of Hollywood style area rug that that in a certain angle the pattern of the rug is shiny. So I love the play of rich and rustic.

Will re post the whole living room when the two chairs are finished. And oh, with the mantel also.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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